Just Walking

Now just to be honest here I have no indoor projects. I hate to say that out loud because bloggers are always looking for decorating inspiration.
I'm just playing outside these days. We are finally getting the most beautiful sunny days and I don't want to miss a minute. Yesterday I took a walk through the backyard around 5:30 pm. Here are some of the sights.

I'm in love with this combination of pink hydrangea and Little Blackie Sweet Potato Vine.

On the patio.

Another shot of hydrangea. It's the Everblooming variety.

Little petunias.
I'll even be honest and tell ya that I skipped making the beds yesterday!
That's unheard of for me!!
I do hope you are having a wonderful spring time where you are!


  1. O Stacy, I have been doing just the same thing. Not a thing going on INSIDE my cottage except probably dust...I spend every moment I can OUTSIDE. We, too, are having the most delightful weather..I fix my coffee first thing, get my clothes on and head outside to drink it. Then, hunger drives me inside around noon....gosh, if we didn't have to eat, I could stay outside all day long..
    Loved seeing your beautiful flowers...O, and your fish...

  2. These are beautiful! Good for you for being outside and getting all that fresh air and sunshine! :)

  3. Thanks for the beautiful tour!

  4. oh, girl, I'm thinking you have a touch of spring fever!! LOL....enjoy it. The beds aren't going anywhere, and at least you are relaxing and enjoying.....which, by the way are some lovely things in your garden to enjoy!!!


  5. I enjoyed your backyard tour, Stacey! Summer's on it's way!

  6. Mornin Stacey, I always enjoy seeing your yard and landscaping! I have to tell you, we spent most of the evening outside...working and talking to neighbors and girl, I had an allergy attack...One eye is swollen almost shut and I am so congested this morning...I guess all the rain has made everything produce more pollen. I won't be doing anymore work outside until this pollen leaves!
    Are you getting excited about Flaunt? I am planning to take my computer with me...didn't know If I could but found out I can...YAY! I will check in from time to time and say Hi!
    Sorry to be so long, but I just love to talk to ya! Enjoy your day! Nancy

  7. I hear ya girlfriend!!! This a.m. when I got up I said to myself, "ok I need to do the laundry, dust, vacuum and clean the bathrooms before I go out to play". The weather here the past couple days has been INCREDIBLE...hey it was a long winter!!! Have fun and enjoy the day.


  8. Your garden is really coming along! I'm so jealous of your hydrangeas. I have never been able to grow them successfully. Lucky you!

  9. Good for you! It's so much fun to be outside. I have been working in my garden too. I love it!

  10. Beautiful Pictures! I agree with you. It is definitely time to be outdoors! Have a great day!

  11. This is beautiful! I have been outside alot too...taming WEEDS!! Sooner or later I will get in in shape! Love the hydrangeas! Mine are blue and just starting to turn.

    We have had a pretty week, but the rain is coming this weekend :(

    Hope yours is good...

    Lou Cinda :)

  12. Oh, Stacey! I know what you mean - it's time to be outdoors and I love your beautiful flowers! When it gets really hot you can go back inside! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. It is time to be outside especially here in Georgia! Before we know it the temps will be in the 90's and you won't want to go outside then! I too love walking around to see what new, cause there's always something new in a garden. Your blooms are just lovely. Love the dark potato vine - I always forget about that one! I'll have to put it on my HD list!


  14. Stacey, Spring and summer are not the times to decorate in my books. I have to be outside! Your flowers are beautiful. I have used a lot of the little petunia's this year. I just adore them. Have a great day playing outside!
    Hugs, Terrie

  15. Hi Stacey,

    You have really given me the incentive to drop everything and head out. With all the rain we have been having I really haven't gotten anything done. Now we are in the 80's and it is gorgeous! Last night I thought~if only my patio were cleaned up and I had my furniture out, I could sit out there with the dogs and read to my hearts content!

    I can't help but be a neat freak, but since I get up at 7:00 a.m. I usually have everything done early except the mountain of laundry. But today I am buying my flowers for my pots and I am getting my hands dirty! HOORAY!!!

    By the way, I missed your last few posts and read down. I feel for your husband but technology is getting better & better. I use closed caption since I am hearing impaired. I don't know what I'd do without it.

    Enjoy the rest of the week, Stacey!! :-D


  16. Stacey,
    I love being outside this time of year!!! After so much rain we are finally having some gorgeous weather and I am going to take advantage of it!!! I love the warm days and cool nights...beautiful!!!

    I love the pics of your yard!!! The hydrangea is my favorite!!! We have terrible luck trying to grow that in our yard...any suggestions?

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  17. Yes, the weather here in S. Missouri has been gorgeous lately. I've been enjoying the great outdoors more, but mostly from my sunroom. Your back yard is beautiful. Love those pink hydrangea. Have a beautiful day! Twyla

  18. The pictures in my Country Gardening magazine are not any prettier than yours. You definitely have an eye for planting the right combinations. So beautiful!!

  19. Look at you....just rub it in! lol! I am so behind in my gardens. For EVERY weekend that I have planned to plant....IT HAS RAINED! Your garden looks AWESOME! Thanks for inspiring us in the garden department today!

  20. This has decorating, Stacey! I love that red Adirondack chair!

  21. Loved the flower pictures...you took the time to "smell the roses" as the old adage goes...absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    Enjoy the warm weather this weekend.

  22. Hi Stacey, yes, I am in Tulsa, and yes my hubby was enjoying a shiner while reading that book! I was sticking to the lemon San Peligrino's for my girlish figure, ha ha! ie: to save room for shish k-bobs!

  23. Hi Stacey, yes, I am in Tulsa, and yes my hubby was enjoying a shiner while reading that book! I was sticking to the lemon San Peligrino's for my girlish figure, ha ha! ie: to save room for shish k-bobs!

  24. I have been outside a LOT also. You just can't beat the weather we are having. I absolutley LOVE it! All of your flowers are just gorgeous.♥

  25. I received so much enjoyment from seeing your flowers today. No one is closer to God then when on one's knees. Like working with the flowers and the weeks. They are absolutely beautiful and so many comments. My husband has the same eye problem. He had treatment for awhile but nothing has decreased the dark spot, so he stopped going.

  26. I don't blame you for skipping bed making when you have such a lovely yard to enjoy, and beautiful weather to enjoy it in*! Absolutely beautiful*! _Ashley~

  27. I'm with you Stacey! I have spent more time enjoying outside. Your garden is beautiful!

  28. Stacey, your flowers and your fish are beautiful! I've been skipping making the bed a lot lately. When my son was in high school, he came home one day and our bed was not made. He called the office to see if I'd been taken to the hospital, because he'd never seen our bed unmade unless we were in it! I've decided there are more important things in life! laurie


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