It's Beautiful!

Good Morning Friends.

I have to say thanks to you.

I was whining about the constant rain we've had here the other day...and you all reminded me that you are having severe droughts. Truthfully we were here in Oklahoma too...up until a few weeks ago. We even had those wildfires! Now we have rain.

It is glorious, life-giving, (although dark) rain!!

Without the rain we wouldn't have this to look at:

From the front porch.

The woods behind our home.

The flower beds greening up.

The vines are covering the pergola. They shield our patio from the hot west summer sun.
For the past few days I've been enjoying the outside so much. Every time the sun pops out, I do too. It's nice and cool. The birds are singing. We have lots of tadpoles in the pond.
It's beautiful!
Thanks for reminding me that we are very lucky!


  1. Great pictures. Your coleus is looking great. I keep wishing for a pergola. There are so many wonderful vine/flowers to cover it with...

  2. You are so lucky! Look at how lush and green everything is! As my green pops out of the ground one of the three very large bunnies hopping through my yard are devouring it. It's time to set up the traps. Have fun in your sunshine! ~ Robyn

  3. Aren't we fortunate for friends to help us sometimes in life, to put things in proper perpective? Your grounds look like professional gardens. I can tell you spend lots of time in the maintenance. It is beautiful!

  4. You have a beautiful home, Stacey. I sure wish we had some of the blessed rain out here in West Texas. We are in for a long, hot and dry summer, I'm afraid.
    Don't forget the porch party on the really have some lovely spots to post on it..

  5. What a beautiful place you have, Stacey! Yes, we really have been blessed in so many ways. I think we all could use a gentle reminder from time to time. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Isn't that amazing what Mother Nature can do to human?

    Just enjoy all seasons and I know you love every minute of it.

    I love your garden specially the pergola. Am envious of it.

    Have a freaky Friday & am loving this beautiful life.

  7. Stacey, Your gardens are beautiful! We could use some rain. We've had some really windy days. It's time for rain and warmer temps. Hugs, Terrie

  8. Stacey, Those are great pics!!! Love all your plants! Everything does look gorgeous! Thanks to the Rain! Nancy

  9. I wish we could bottle up some of this moisture for July & August.


  10. We've had a ton of rain in Texas too! We are NOT used to gray skies! I love the French Pear too and it is still there. Yummy! and so frenchy (O:

  11. Stacey,
    Your garden is stunning!!! I'd say the rain did wonderful things for you!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  12. All of our rain has definitely gotten us out of our drought! I hope some of it will be back in July and August!! We are supposed to be in for another round tonight and tomorrow and then the sun is supposed to shine for a while!!!!♥

    Your plants are all beautiful. The grass right now is growing really fast after all the rain!

  13. Good morning Stacey!

    Yeah!!!! In OKC the sun is finally shining. My garden is green and lush as is yours and just so beautiful!! I've had my morning walk through the garden and I'm off today to my youngest son's college graduation! I love your pictures and the view from your front porch is to die for !!! I also really like your pergola-that's on my wish list too! Enjoyed your post so much! We are blessed!!! Have a great weekend. Sonia/Miss Bloomers

  14. Wow, your pergola is beautiful, is that wisteria? I'd be parked out there all summer, sipping tea, sipping coffee, sipping wine, well, you get the idea.

  15. Oh what a beautiful scene! I love it! So relaxing! We desperately need rain my part of Texas.

  16. Ah-oh, I'm one of those whiners about rain going away. We had so much I was sick of it. I guess I better start looking for reasons to be grateful. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  17. Yes it is beautiful Stacey!! We've had a lot of rain so everything is lush here. Can you imagine if it stayed cool all summer and kept raining?
    Enjoy your day!!

  18. I wonder why I don't see tadpoles in my pond? Perhaps it is the noise of the bank construction across the street. Or Robert out there with his endless electrical equipment and sawdust going in every direction. Come to think of it, if I was a tadpole, I'd head to the neighbors house. Or hop up to Oklahoma and head for yours. Your yard is lovely. Can't wait to see more of that pond! Hint hint!

  19. Hi Stacey!
    We have been in a drought here in NC for 3 years. This spring we have had an abundance of rain. Today they announced that we are officially out of our drought. I am a sun person myself, so I know how you feel when it RAINS....

  20. WOW! Beautiful pictures, Stacey! Love all the pictures, especially the one taken from your front porch! Looks so inviting! Hint...hint!

  21. Everything looks so lush, green and gorgeous Stacey and with the birds singing to you, the vines creeping up the pergola, the tadpoles in the pond it must be very beautiful, happy weekend, Kathy.

  22. You're so inspiring! We happen to live in one of the rainiest parts of the east coast, so I especially needed to remember why the rain is so essential. What gorgeous pictures!

  23. Wow the pond looks amazing!!! I remember the day Paul started digging the hole in the backyard. It looks beautiful.


  24. Your landscaping is gorgeous...we need rain here in South Florida.

  25. Your yard is gorgeous, Stacey - hope you get some sunshine soon!

  26. Everything looks so lush and green, Stacey. It's just beautiful, and your patio looks like a perfect place to enjoy your desserts.

    I enjoyed your slideshow, too! Your home is just as lovely inside!


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