Beauty That Doesn't Break the Bank..Part II

Thank you to everyone who responded to the call for beauty ideas that are affordable.
You girls have great ideas about products and wisdom to go along with it.
Grab your Diet Coke or coffee and read along with me.

Kathy at Kathy's Cottage said, "The one thing I have ever tried that I love is Lancome make-up remover."

Marilyn said, "My fav is Sally Hanson Hard as Nails. I use this only on my toe snails--that is what my grandson calls toe nails."

Amelia said, "I have used Avon rich moisture cream on my face for about 40 years. I do believe it has helped to control the amount of wrinkles.....Beauty is more than the outer looks anyway-it is what comes from within."

JoAnne had great info, "I shop at ShopRite and CVS so what I want has to be there. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara is the best (pink/green container). Thick, long lashes will be the result. At CVS, I buy NYC cosmetics and they are terrific. Lipstick, foundation, powder, nail polish, eyeliner and eye shadow. Plus, I usually find their coupons in All You magazine. Last week, ShopRite had a sale on Suave shampoo at $.66 a bottle. I had lots of coupons and managed to get 7 bottles for a grand total of $.87. My f-i-l used to work for a high-end cosmetic company and he told me that, for the most part, the products are the same, you're paying a lot for the packaging. Joanne ~~"

LouCinda said, "Most everything I use also comes from Wal-Mart or the drug store. I do like Bare Escentuals Bare Mineral eye shadows. I usually order them off of QVC when they are featured. I also ordered their Faux Tan and really like it!"

April said, "I've been a fan of Elizabeth Arden Total Finish cream makeup for years. Goes on smoothly and lasts all day long. Also, I use Eucerin Everyday Face Lotion (SPF 30) under my makeup religiously."

The Domestic Designer had this to say, "Most of my makeup, moisturizers come from Walmart. I do spurge on Bare Minerals for my main makeup. I wear contacts and have found it to be the best for my eyes."

Twyla whispered, "This is a little embarrassing to admit, but it is something that I can't do without. I use (whispering) hemorroidal cream (prep H) under my eyes to combat the wrinkles I wake up with every morning. I leave it on for 20 or 30 mins. and I don't have as many little lines under my eyes and the 'saggy' isn't as bad. I swear by it!."

Amy said, "I am definitely a low-maintenance girl, but I love my highlighted hair. To keep the color longer, I always use blonde shampoo and conditioner for highlighted or colored hair. I am really cheap and use the Suave brand. It really does make your highlights last longer."

Ceekay said, "I buy my make-up where ever they take a coupon! No favs...things really don't do what they say for me...especially mascara."

Barb said, "I like expensive and inexpensive makeup but I do tend to put more money into my skin care."

Darlene said, "I use mostly everything from Wal-mart. Maybelline, Loreal, Cover Girl BUT the one thing I splurge on is my lipstick. I LOVE my Estee Lauder - maplesugar (color) lipstick. I have tried many, many lipsticks but stay with this color...LOVE it."

Nancy said, "I am a grocery store girl when it comes to make up...but where I spend the bucks is skin care...I have always used Merle Norman...I have exprimented with cheaper stuff, but it just doesn't do the trick for my skin. I also like Beauti Control skin care (some things) like the them."

Cynthia told us, "I use Neutrogena hand cream. It is awesome and saves my cracked hands. I also love their moisturizer."

Shelia said, "I'm a Neutrogena gal myself and buy my products at the grocery store too! In the past I've bought the expensive stuff and I do just as well with the Neut products or maybe better."

Keetha had a great idea, "Here's one: When your hair seems to be collecting too many products that aren't washing out, pour a little baking soda in the palm of your hand, then blend some shampoo in. Wash your hair with this mix - - - it will feel wonderfully clean. This should only be done like once a month or so. Hydrogen peroxide swished in your mouth for a minute or so will also help whiten your teeth."

Mona said, "My favorite, and has been for years and years is Johnson's baby cream. It is the only cream I have ever used on my face and I began with my first child at 18 years old. I cannot live without it."

Christine said, "I use St. Ives Collagen Elastin facial moisturizer. I think I bought it for $5.99 and I like it very much, especially because it has collagen in it."

Melissa said, "I adore Loreal mascara the lengthening formula in the skinny gold tube. One thing that's expensive I MUST use is Clinique's foundation."

BJ could be a paid advertiser, "I use Clinique and have for 25 years. Can't do a single minute without it. It is not all that expensive and it stays on so good that even the nurses at the hospital where I spent most of last summer were asking what I had on that stayed so good. NOW, having said all that...I DO buy my lipstick at the drugstores..or Target...or Walmart..anywhere that carries COVERGIRL !"

Susie has a great idea! "I love the grocery makeup aisle too! Im not that big into makeup so I hate to spend the bank on it. You know what I really love to do.... go to the mall and get free samples! Oh Happy day!"


  1. Thanks for collecting the comments and then posting oft times after I post a comment I don't go back and check other's comments.

    Stay dry (if possible).

  2. I enjoyed reading everyone's advice on beauty products!

  3. Oh, Stacey, you are the cutest thing. This post is precious and I never would have thought to do one like it. You rock, girlfriend !!
    hugs, bj

  4. Hi Stacey...

    So nice to find a note from you this morning, my friend!!!

    What a fun post! I loved reading everyone's tips and favorite products! I have used oil of olay face products for years...I'm happy with the results...of course, I'm 50ish now but I grew up in the 70's. It was a time of "au natural"! I didn't even start wearing makeup until I was well into my 20's! hehe!!! I still use very little!

    Thanks to all of your posters for such interesting ideas!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  5. I think I hear a shopping spree calling my name...I'm going to have to give some of these products a test drive!

  6. Hi Stacey! I stopped in quick this morning and wanted to read this post but was off to get my hair cut corrected!!! Such a bad cut I got 3wks ago and couldn't take it anymore! So the beauty post is appropriate since I'm remaking myself too!!lol Great suggestions I must try Clinique; need lasting power!lol Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog; yes I do design it myself because I'm nuts about that stuff!lol I love doing scrapbook collage too. I just wish I could find more embellishments out there for free!lol I still love your homey, happy look!!! I'd say this is a keeper!!! Take care dear - Jeannette (I'd love to read our books together; your blog may be where I first saw them???can't remember!lol)

  7. Hi Stacey
    What a lot of great ideas! I'm glad you are going to join my porch party. Spread the word to anyone else who you think might like to join!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  8. Wooooo to the Hoooooo!!

    Quoted on someone else's blog - - - does it GET any better than that?

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  10. Sounds like these women have a thing or two to teach plain old me! I'm just a gardener who (gasp!) has never worn sunscreen (I know, will likely pay for that someday), doesn't like the fussiness of makeup, and doesn't mind getting old. It breeds character. Oh, and another shameful secret, I hate going to the mall! Too many people and too much noise for me!

  11. I liked reading everyone's comments on this post!

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog. The one thing I can't do without and have used forever is ROC nighttime cream. I swear by it!

    God bless,
    A Southern Sanctuary

  13. I missed your post yesterday, so I'm glad I got over here in time to read all of the responses. What a great idea to get all of this advice from everyone. I really enjoyed reading all of these responses, and I'm very glad to see that I am not the only one who doesn't use expensive products. Thanks for this post. laurie

  14. Stacey,
    I just saw your comment on my post. The "pseudo-swiffers" are ones they use to dry off a dog after a bath. They are very large and made of microfiber. They really do the trick. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am new to this and it is so exciting when you know that someone else reads what you have written. Thanks again.


  15. Stacey, this was fun reading about others beauty products! Now I've got to try that hemorrhoid thingy! LOL
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  16. I loved reading all the comments! Thanks

  17. Thanks for posting all the comments! I enjoyed reading what others had to share.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  18. Those are some great tips, and I love all the people who shop at Walmart or CVS or wherever. That's me too!! So then I can copy them...

  19. What a great idea for a post. I love reading everyones preferences. Fun.. fun.. fun..

  20. This is my first visit here...and I must say I have enjoyed myself!

  21. What a neat post. Made me feel like a "star" in your show! And..I got to see everyones favorites right up front. I must add..I'm with bj in the makeup department. When I use it ..that is exactly what I use. Clinque's Superfit makeup. GREAT! Again..thanks so much for giving us center STAGE!
    You are a sweetheart!!!

  22. Oh my goodness, who would of thought I would be putting Preparation H on my makeup list. LOL!
    Wonderful post - loving all the tips:-)

  23. Thanks for coming by today..I have had the BEST day...a really good one with friends, good food, rose bushes and a glass of Blackberry wine..woo hoo...
    xo bj

  24. Stacey, You must have hit a popular topic. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading down through all of the comments on favorite beauty products. In fact, tonight I thought about one of the comments on Johnson's Baby Cream, when I saw my granddaughter's diaper rash. I reminded myself to buy some a container of that product to keep on hand. I have always enjoyed make-up and beauty products. One of my very favorites is "bareMinerals" foundation in medium beige. It is the best foundation I have ever used. It costs a bit more, but it lasts a long time. Thanks for sharing this post. It is a great one! Missed you!!

  25. Hello! Thanks for commenting on my blog:) I love all the tips on beauty! I'm always on the lookout for anything that is beauty related. :)
    Happy Wednesday.

  26. This was such a great idea! That's what's great about having girlfriends. We can learn from each other! Twyla


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