Where Do Sleeping Dogs Lie?

Why on the pretty rug, of course!

Hope you all have a wonderful restful weekend.


  1. Oh yes, my sleeping dog is in the exact same spot in our house as we speak! It's the next best thing to the couch, which is off limits to him! :)

  2. Oh, I miss a dog so much that I would get down there and rub his tummy and get a kiss, and then let him go back to sleep! Soooo cute!

  3. Awwwww so cute!!! Mine lay there and on the couch and on the bed and really wherever they want! Hope you have a GREAT weekend! Hasn't our weather (besides the never ending wind) been WONDERFUL this week?????

  4. Awww...your sweet dog looks exactly like how I feel...POOPED! LOL!

  5. Stacey, your dog is so pretty, and he does look so peaceful on the pretty rug. laurie

  6. Such a cute dog...
    Speaking of rugs, I was doing some spring house cleaning and fluffing today and took up some of my area rugs for the summer..I'll put them back when it starts to turn colder and I want layering....
    For spring and summer, I want as little as i can get of anything that even resembles HOT !!
    Have a good weekend..

  7. Mine are typically in my lap, fighting for territory. And then there's the two cats, sleeping wherever there is a soft spot like a folded quilt. But rarely in my lap, as there would be fur flying due to the jealous dogs. Thankfully my fish don't like my lap.

  8. Right now I wish I was doing what your dog is doing. I think I've had too many late nights and early mornings lately. I need a nap to catch up. He looks so comfortable!

  9. All three of mine try to sleep under my feet..... I know my feet are big... but not that big.

    Oh yeah and the bathroom rug at night.

    Your baby does look happy.



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