Time for Savannah!

Remember me telling y'all awhile back that we were planning a trip to Savannah?

Well, the time is coming. We leave Wednesday! This trip is for hubby and I to celebrate our 21st anniversary.

We have big plans. We are going to attend the North of Gaston Street Garden Tour. There are public and private gardens open for viewing. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures for Outdoor Wednesday.

We are planning to eat at The Lady & Sons. Paula Deen and I could be best friends...of this I am sure! Unfortunately, she doesn't know that.

We found an article in Southern Living that told a few places to eat. My sweety judges every trip by the food he gets to eat.

Of course we want to see the Savannah College of Art and Design. Maybe pick up a little keepsake to bring home.

My question is for you...what do we need to not miss?


  1. Well, I was going to say you need to NOT miss taking me with you, but since it is a special anniversary trip, I guess I'll let ya'll go alone! :)
    What a fun trip. I want to go to Savannah; I'm sure it will be such fun. Since I"ve not been, I've no recommendations, but I am sure ya'll will find your way around. Have fun!


  2. Hi Stacey!! I hope you had a wonderful Easter! Have fun on your trip to Savannah and take lots of pics. I haven't been there in years and would love to go again! Say hello to Paula and her boys for me...lol...Enjoy!...Debbie

  3. Morning, Stacey! Oh, I wish I could go! It sounds like it will be so much fun! Have a lovely time and it's so nice to hear from you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Stacey~
    Hope you and your hubby have a fantastic time in Savannah! I've always wanted to go there...can't wait to see your pictures! Please give my best to Ms. Paula...she and I go way back! LOL!

  5. I can't wait to see all your pictures from your trip. You are going to have such a FUN time!!

  6. Good Morning Stacey ~

    Have a wonderful trip...we were in Georgia a few years ago and I found the folks there wonderfully friendly and gracious. A garden tour sounds great...we will all be waiting for pictures!

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  7. I am sure you will have fun. I am only 90 minutes from Savannah. We like walking along Riverstreet. The shops are very pricey but a nice walk on the riverfront. Be sure you check out what time you can sign up to eat @ Lady & Sons because it is not just walk in and rarely is there a short wait. There is a location to go sign up at. You get your name on the list and they tell you what time to be there. There are lots of neat shops in the area around the riverfront and on the squares downtown. SCAD is also downtown. A drive out to Tybee Island would be fun for a walk on the beach. Have a great trip! Jackie

  8. Stacey, I hope you have a wonderuful time and I know you will!
    I have been to Savannah several times and ate at different places, but you will not find anything better then Lady and sons! We usually eat there once a day when we go!!! Go by there EARLY and find out what time you can put your name in, they open at 11 and 5 but you can go usually abour 1.5 to 2 hrs. early to put your name in...check on that! They will let you know what time to be back approx! Also, while you are waiting you can walk over to Kitchens on the Square..its just around the corner, Great place to shop!! Then about a block over from lady and sons is Broughton Street and it is lined with shops on both sides...Pricey, but fun to look!
    Make sure you visit City Market(very close to lady and sons)...shops there too and also, if you all like pizza....Lenny's Van Go Pizza is a MUST! It is right around the corner from City Market, and looks like a dump, but always packed out and the smell coming from there is divine!!! It also sits right behind the Double Tree Hotel, which is on Bay Street.
    Vist River Street!! There are some great Antique shops along the top part of River Street/Bay Street.
    Of course Tybee Island is a fantastic place also to visit!
    One more place I love to go is the Abercorn Street Antique Shop...its on the corner of Aberconrn and ??? (sorry I don't remember the name) But you can't miss it...it's a huge yellow house and it will have an antique sign there. It will be on the left if you are driving away from down town Savannah. Not to mention Abercorn St is worth the drive to see all the gorgeous Tree Lined Streets and beautiful homes!
    If you all like history there is ofcourse pleanty of that in Savannah to see as well!
    I am so sorry for taking so much room, but as you can tell, I loooove Savannah! We didn't get to go this Spring...so I am hoping to go this Fall!

    Enjoy and take lots of pictures! Nancy

  9. Those pink azaleas in the first photos are exactly like mine in the side yard, Stacey. Smelled heavenly before the rains took them down. When you turn 21 years old, you get the right to enter a liquor store. Should be some sort of a hallmark for a 21st anniversary of the wedding sort, wouldn't ya think?

  10. Hi Stacey,
    Oh...Savannah... you are going to love it, love it! The city is so historic and beautiful. I guess I would make sure to take a tour of the city. It really helps to have someone show you around all the neat places. The other thing is what you already have planned....Paula's restaurant. They even have a Lady and Sons tour too where they show you the neighborhood she started in, a lunch at her brother's restaurant, and much more. I haven't taken it yet, but next time I go, I am going to book that tour for sure. Enjoy her hoe cakes. Very yummy! Amy

  11. Don't forget to get your name in early at Lady and Sons. There is no place to park right near it. You will have a bit of a walk from a parking spot. But when you get in, you will love the food. We did the buffet and were not sorry. It is not elegant, but just good down home food. Don't forget to shop at the store while you are there. They have some neat things in there. Oh, when you first go in, on the stand where the hostess is, are business cards with all their names on them. Free souvi!! Have fun and Happy anniversary!

  12. I am a bit envious of you. Our friends returned recently from a trip to Savannah and could not stop talking about it's beauty and quaintness. I have never been there, so I will appreciate all of your pictures and stories. Seems to me, that with your personality, you and Paula would hit it off right away. Have a wonderful time!!

  13. Stacey, I am so excited for you! I love to take trips like this. I have never been there, but know it's a beautiful place. I would be so excited about going to the Lady and Sons. I am a big Paula fan myself. Oh! and Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie! Twyla

  14. Happy Anniversary and I hope you have a wonderful time. Love Savannah and Paula Deen. She and I would be best friends too, if she knew me and you...


  15. Congratulations and have a great trip!

  16. You are going to eat at Lady and Son's restaurant??!! Good heavens...do NOT forget your camera..we must not miss a moment of this event! I LOVE Paula Dean..
    You are so lucky to make such a wonderful trip. I am looking forward to seeing everything!
    Thank you so much for your sweet visit to my blog! :) Please do stop by again.
    P.S. Oh..and please do tell her you have this wonderful friend in California that is a great fan of hers...and if she needs yet another "friend" ..well...I am certainly available! Also...I know, I know..I am running...but please tell her I LOVED her wedding! :)

  17. You will have a great time in Savannah...sounds like everyone has already given you good tips. I love just walking around and looking at all the beautiful old homes. We also did a walking history tour one evening that we really enjoyed.

  18. How fun! I hope y'all have a great time - I love Savannah. Happy anniversary, too!

  19. Sounds like a perfect anniversary trip! Make sure you take lots of pictures. We are the same way, planning trips around food. Hey, you gotta eat right?

  20. Living in West Texas, of course I wouldn't have the slightest idea about Savannah...other than the fact that I would LOVE to go there.
    You will have the time of your life, I know.
    xo bj

  21. Have a wonderful time in Savannah, we have never been but have heard that it is such a beautiful place from a lot of our friends so it is on our wish list, look forward to seeing all the photos, Kathy.



  23. Oh I am so jealous! My bff just went to Savannah and took pictures just for me in front of Paula's place! She didn't eat there, I would not leave until I did! Have fun, if you see Paula give a big ol' southern hug from me. Eat some fried chicken and mac and cheese for me too, please! Happy Anniversary...

  24. You had me at the title! I want to visit there so bad. Maybe one day. I cant to hear all of your great stories and pictures. You go girl!

  25. How I envy you on your trip to Savannah. Last year hubby and I went in February (you can read two posts I did on that trip if you'll check out my blog from Feb. 2008). Be sure to go to Bonaventure Cemetery. We stayed at Marshall House just down from SCAD. Be sure to stroll along the river and all the shops and eating places there. Of course, you gotta eat at Lady and Sons, we were not disappointed. The squares are just beautiful and I imagine this time of year they are breathtaking! We took the "ghost tour" one night and ate at a pirate-type restaurant...that was fun! There is nothing you can do wrong in Savannah. Can't wait to hear all about it and see your pictures!


  26. Yep, I remember.

    Happy Anniversary and have a fabulous time together!

  27. We travel to Savannah from Norman, Oklahoma once a year. We have a condo in Hilton Head Island. If you judge a trip by the food...then do not miss Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House. They are only open for lunch, it's served family style. By far the BEST southern food around. There is so much to do, you'll be heading home before you have a chance to do everything!!

  28. I can't wait to hear about your trip to Paula Deen's restaurant! My five year old daughter and I watch her television program religiously! Enjoy your holiday. Becki

  29. Oh how I loved Savannah. We were there 5 years ago and I am SO ready to go back! I am loving visiting it along with you here! Have fun and enjoy every second of it!
    And you MET Jamie Deen!! Whoo Hoo!



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