Some Little Birdies

Welcome to all the friends who are visiting Birds on Holiday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.

First off let me just say that my birds are the cousins of the Target birds. We are the bluebird branch of the family. I do hope it's ok that we are joining the parade.

Now all of my regular friends know that hubby and I are catching a plane bright and early (really before dawn) to fly to Savannah. However, the bluebirds told me they really wanted to participate in the fun.

The bluebirds have been helping me get ready for our trip. While we are gone my in laws are coming to stay with teenage son. SO everything has to be spic and span. While I was dusting yesterday the bluebirds flew around with me.

Sometimes they try to pretend that this is their nest.

You know there's normally a cloche over this plate. How did they get it off? I wonder if they realize those are not their eggs?

They also wanted to hang out on the dining room table. They were hoping to shake a little on some food but...this girl's too busy to cook a meal worthy of the dining room today.

She likes to pretend the nest above is hers too. I let her think so sometimes.

We had to run to the bathroom for a kleenex. The pepper is getting to me!

Now they are hanging out in the garage with all the plants we got for half price at Lowe's. Woo Hoo!! I'm sure they will not help me plant them but that's ok...if only they could dig the holes.

Oh how sweet...they are trying to stow away for our trip to Savannah. No way!!

Thanks for flying by today. I will be over to visit all of you next week. :)


  1. Neat post! I'm looking forward to hearing about Savannah. I've always wanted to visit there!

  2. Too funny girl..may you have a safe and great trip...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. I loved this so cute.
    Now have a safe and happy trip and bring us lots...LOTS of pictures.

  4. Oh, can I please get in your suitcase...take lots of pics and have a wonderful time!


  5. Your creativity is revealing itself. Good job Stacey. Hope you and your husband have a wonderful time together in Savannah.

  6. These birds have taken over our your idea of leaving them with the inlaws...that'll show em.....
    great post....

  7. What cute little bluebirds. I enjoyed all their adventures. I would love to stow away on a trip to Savannah also! Have a wonderful trip, :D Jewel

  8. This is clearly a case of relatives from another branch of the family tree. Glad to have met them!

  9. Oh, I love your little Blue birds and they seem so sweet! They didn't get into any trouble. You should have taken them with you on your trip! :P
    BE a sweeie,
    shelia :)

  10. Stacey..
    Loved your bluebirds day out.. I'm sure you'll bring them back a special treat from Savannah.. perhaps a Paula Dean cookbook for them to share.
    Have a wonderful safe trip!

  11. I LOVE your little blue birds. Looks like they had a great day today! Hope you and your hubby have a fabulous trip. Can't wait to hear about it when you return!♥

  12. Cute post! Have a great trip to Savannah! Can't wait to hear all about it!


  13. Lucky you! I've always wanted to go to Savannah! I too can't wait for the pics! You know, the little bluebird branch are always welcome at our home. It was so thoughtful of them to help you prepare for your trip...Robyn

  14. How "tweet" my they have been
    busy birds....Hugs ~ Kammy

  15. Love your little birds. Have a wonderful time.


  16. Hi Stacey... lucky girl! Getting to go to Savannah!!! Have lots of fun, my friend!!!

    Girl, I just fell in love with your little bluebirds and they're so helpful!!! Much more thoughtful then my Clara and Morris, who simply just "flew the coup" without any regard to my housekeeping duties! Hehe!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    PS...great score on all of your pretty plants from Lowes!!!

  17. Love the blue birds. I hope your trip is a great one. Have fun and be safe. Be sure and take lots of pictures.

  18. What a cute post!...have a safe trip!! Hope the weather is nice for you!

  19. Hope you and your hubby have a fabulous time in Savannah! I'll be waiting to hear all the details!

  20. Hi Stacey, love your little birdie pictures.

    You will love Savannah!!


  21. You two have a wonderful trip. I know you feel you have to clean for the inlaws. But something tells me with a teenage son in the house, it probably won't stay that way long!

  22. Your little birds are cute - hope you have a great trip! Happy anniversary! :)

  23. How cute Stacey!

    Have a joyous and safe trip! :)

  24. What a sweet story! Half price plants at Lowe's?? I have to get there...

  25. They are too cute. Love the color!

  26. I don't blame them for wanting to go with you. Have a great trip! laurie

  27. I am going to have to find me some of those little birds,LOL . I sure wish I was going to Savannah with you, you lucky thing ! I hope you take a bunch of pics for us to look at .

  28. LOL! What a sweet post! You sweet little birds are certainly "all over the place".
    Think I will mosey over and see if ebay has some of those cute birds flying around:-)

  29. YAY Stacey!!! I have been thinking about y'all all day! We always stay at that Doubletree!! How funny! Can't wait to see your pictures!!!! ENJOY yourself!!! Nancy

  30. I have always wanted to go to Savannah....sigh. Have the birds. YES it seems my computer is slower...thanks for saying something I thought it was in my head. Kinda frustrating. cherry

  31. Just wanted to tell you I blogged about the cho. pie I made from YOUR recipe today...Everyone has been coming over to your place for the recipe...:O)
    hope u are having fun!!
    xo bj

  32. I love your bluebirds....where did you find them?


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