Sweet Spring & It's Grillin' Time

It's time to hop around and look at all the outdoor pictures! Thank you to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for hosting this weekly event.

Believe it or not I've had this little garden bunny for probably 15 years! He's terra cotta and I leave him outside in the winter. He's standing guard beside a hosta that is coming back from a cold winter's nap.

Sedum coming back out. Love this plant! Forms a natural ground cover and has a beautiful bright green color. Perennial in Oklahoma.

Tulip surprises. I call them surprises because I planted these bulbs several years ago. Very few of them still come back but these two made it another year. Oh, I just noticed the little devil right beside the yellow tulip. Dang dandelions!

Speaking of Outdoors.....

Maybe it's almost grillin' time where you live! Let's link up on Saturday, April 4 and share our favorite dinners to cook on the grill. Please share recipes!

We are all trying to eat at home more...right? New recipes definitely make that more fun.

I will try to make Mr. Linky work (never done it before) and we can link up Friday night. Go ahead and get your post ready. Don't leave me here alone. :)


  1. I can't believe your hosta are that big! Mine, well, have not broken the soil...sigh. Those weed tools work wonders on your "little devil" ; )

    Ok...when you figure out Mr Linky, you'll tell me, right?!

    I am thankful our new snow melted today!

  2. Beautiful! Our hostas haven't made an appearance yet. I do love spring and grilling. Glad to see someone else call it grilling. Lots of folks say bar b que for grill. Two totally different things in Oklahoma. Have a great day.

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  4. Some lovely and most welcome sights of spring :)

    Tink *~*~*
    Flower and Garden Festival Surprise

  5. Morning girl....love that bunny guard! lol I planted tulips years ago also and they just show up every now & then! Gosh girl...dandelions are some of my best bloomers!!!!! lol lol

    Yes that was a clematis...I love those things...I just got one blooming right now..but the others are full of buds...except for the Sweet Autumn..it blooms in August..snow white!!! I have a pink one...burgundy one...3 purples & a white one...I have always loved them..Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  6. That is one tough little bunny! My clay pots fall apart if I leave them out. Love your tulips too!!
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!

  7. I love tulips and I love that bunny!
    Can't wait for your post on grilling!!
    xo bj

  8. Don't those dandelions drive you nutso? They're so hard to get rid of! Your bright yellow tulip looks beautiful, anyway! Yes, I think we can finally say that spring has sprung!

  9. That's one hardy bunny; it looks new! Your sedum is coming along beautifully, too. Dandelions are a staple in my flowerbed; I just can't pull them all, there's always one lurking in the corners somewhere!

  10. Your post made me feel like it is spring--even though it is snowing this morning!

    (Maybe, it's just an April Fool's joke!)

    Happy day,
    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  11. I love seeing all your beauties in the yard! If I can just get rid of all the darn leaves we might start seeing something!!!!!

    We LOVE to grill but just baste our meat with BBQ sauce so I don't have any fabulous grill recipes. I'll make sure my hubby doesn't have something he hasn't told me about!♥

  12. Wow, you leave your bunny out all year round! She sure has held up beautifully. I can't wait for flowers to start popping up around here. Yours are so pretty and inspire hope.
    I'll try to join in your grilling recipe event on Saturday. We have a busy few days coming up but I'll give it a shot. Great idea.
    Thanks for coming by and signing up for my give-away.

  13. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Stacey! Everything looks so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  14. Stacey, I love your pictures! I don't know any good recipes for grilling other than just the basic stuff....will that be okay?

  15. Love that rabbit Stacey,he is so cute. The grillin sounds good. I will try to be here.

  16. Love the bunny standing guard over the hostas...darling!!! We love to start grilling when the weather warms up also. Enjoy!!! Spring is here...yeah!!!

  17. Hi Stacey...Don't you just love Hosta...I do! I think I'll try some sedum...never had it before but I really like the look of it..
    I'll check back for some good grillin' recipes on the 4th...we don't do anything but ribeyes so I don't have thing special to offer... ;-) Bo

  18. We don't have a grill right now. But are thinking about getting one if I ever get a patio going! I can't believe you've had that bunny so long. I can't keep anything breakable too long without managing to somehow break it.

  19. You sure can tell by your pictures that you live in a warmer climate than I do. It is coming, but it is taking longer. Your garden pictures are so exciting!! The red tulips seem to fit you perfectly. I do like the grill recipe event. New recipes are always fun to get.

  20. Stacey, I cannot believe how great that terra cotta rabbit looks after that many years of being outside! He's so cute. What a great idea to have a BBQ party. I'll try to do something to bring to the party. laurie

  21. What pretty plants - love all the green! Can't wait to see the recipes, either ;)

  22. Stacey, I too have a bunny that has sat outside for about 15 years....he is white and has a couple of chips....but he moves from house to house, front to back, ground to table....


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