Dreaming of Somerset Bay

Hi there!

The other day I was tearing beautiful pages out of the abundance of magazines stashed around here. I found an advertisement for Somerset Bay. Of course, I ran to my trusty computer because the images were so gorgeous.

Visit their website http://www.somersetbayhome.com/

Prepare to be wowed by the lovely shapes and colors on the furniture. For me, this falls into the "If money were no object category...."

Be still my heart!!
I just love the shapes and colors. So much attention to detail in these pieces of furniture. I would not want a room full but maybe just a unique piece to add a little pizazz!
Sigh...not going to happen!


  1. Stacey,
    Wow what gorgeous pieces. I have never heard of Sommerset Bay but will check them out on your recommendation. I just love how that works out between bloggers, we give eachother all kinds of great ideas. You are the best ;)\
    You asked about the salad that I fix for John all the time so I wanted to follow up on that. It is a very simple salad of Romain lettuce out of those bags of three heads that you get at the grocery store. I think one of the things he likes about it is that I really chop it up. I've heard that you are supposed to tear your lettuce but.....and another gross thing I do is to not wash it. I know that is gross but we have never gotten sick or anything because of it. OK that really does sound gross but it is true;) The dry greens make the dressing really adhear to the salad I think.....
    Then I chop up tons on celery, which is Johns favorite vegetable. Have you ever heard of someone having celery as their favorite vegetable, very strange... Anyway, then I use what ever else I have on hand, usually a red onion, peppers and some tomatoes.
    The dressing I make with EVOO, a lot of red wine vinegar and my Paula Deen seasoning that I make and keep on had to use on everything. It is made by combining 1/2 cup of salt, one 1/4 cups of both pepper and garlic powder. I put it in an old spice jar. I use quite a bit of it in the salad dressing.
    Thanks for being such a loyal commenter on my blog. I'm trying very hard to be better at it myself.

  2. Beautiful pieces of furniture, and definitely if money were no object, however unfortunately they are at this house. You can get some great ideas though. Jackie

  3. Stacey, you're right, this furniture is wonderful! Thank you so much for making me want to go out and buy all new furniture! LOL. I'm late getting here, because I'm having computer problems at home. I'm at the office now "working"!! laurie

  4. Wow! Those pieces are gorgeous! I'll be checking out that site so I can dream too!

  5. Oh my word....my mouth is still on the floor!!!!! I love ever piece!!! I have never heard of that place but ohhhhh I love the style and colors..my heart is racing 90 to nothing....I will have to go to that site...probably just to dream but still..I HAVE TO SEE!!!! lol Thanks for sharing girl and have a great week!

  6. So, sooo pretty! I love all the white dishes everywhere, too. :)

  7. Oh my, i had never heard of them. Love the pieces. Stacey you have the best taste!!!


  8. I might (ahem) just have to go check them out...you've uncovered a gorgeous site....oh, I am loving so many of those pieces, I almost hate to look at the prices......sigh.


  9. Just my cup of tea! I'm checking them out. Thanks, Stacey!

  10. I think THEY should host a giveaway, and we all should get a piece! :O) How's that idea?!

  11. I love that white secretary. Never heard of them before but they have beautiful stuff!

  12. Wow, you are right. That furniture is so pretty. I would love to have money as no object. I guess we can dream. I love dreaming.

  13. Thanks for introducing me to that website. Exceptional furniture, and I am right with you, in that I would take anyone of those pieces. It does not cost anything to dream. Congratualtions on your award. Your deserve it!

  14. Just gorgeous! I have never heard of this furniture store either. I will checking them out. They look similar to Maine Cottage. I would also love a room filled with any of these things but it is not going to happen for me either. "sigh" dreaming is fun though.


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