So Crazy Around Here!

It's been a crazy few days since I last posted. Here's a recap:

Refrigerator in my kitchen died. Emptied it and threw half of the frozen foods away. Cleaned it out top to bottom. Had the refrigerator repaired.

My good friend who lives in New York came to our part of the country. She was in Kansas so I drove up there for the day to visit her. It was so wonderful to see her.

Husband came home from Colorado. He'd been gone for 6 days so he was very tired and grumpy. You understand.

Valentine's Day with my sweet hubby (who was then well rested) and boys. Paul and I went out to dinner at a place called Deep Fork Grill. It was delicious! We celebrated 21 years!!

Washing machine died...dryer was already barely working. Had to order new ones. Not good timing. You understand.

Big dog ate about 5 cupcakes that I put in the trash - because they were overcooked. Now I am on dog watch.

Husband left town. #1 son went back to college. #2 son barely knows I exist. I'm alone again with the dogs.

Dad comes tomorrow to help me paint my kitchen. Woo Hoo!


  1. Oh Stacey, what a CRAZY week! Hope everything settles down for you now. I'm glad you got to have a nice Valentines Day with all your "men" though!

  2. Oh girl! What a craaaaaaaaaaaazy week! I've had a few crazy weeks myself. Hopefully yours will settle down sooner than mine.

    Painting with your dad tomorrow shall be fun! Can't wait to see your new painted kitchen.

  3. Doesn't everything seem to go out at once? It sounds chaotic at your house right now. Watch that dog. I had a built-in trash can built into the bottom cabinet when I remodeled the kitchen last year for that very reason!

  4. Whew, I'm tried just reading about your wee!. It seems when one appliance quits others soon follow! Hope this week will be more relaxing for you.

  5. Woah! I won't complain about my week! You've got me beat!! I do understand about the appliances, though! My washer was in its death throes for over a year...refused to die. Finally the dryer died, so I sent them to appliance heaven together and a whole new couple lives in my house now...happily ever after, I hope! I told my daughter my next ones will be the ones at the old folks home!! lol have a great week...Debbie
    PS...I'm alone with the cats!! lol

  6. Oh, poor little STacey! What a weekend! Well, look on the bright side - new stuff!! Glad your Dad is going to help you! Can't wait to see what you do.
    Get some rest and be a sweetie,

  7. Isn't it something how quickly events in a weekend can change? Sounds like you certainly did not have a boring Valentine's Day weekend. It does seem that when one appliance goes...they all follow suit. Never could understand that. Hope things will relax somewhat for you. I like the picture of the candle. I can almost smell the aroma.

  8. Stacey,

    You have all your blogging friends. I am sorry about your appliances and your hubby out of town. Hang in there, you are the best.


  9. Stacey, I know I shouldn't be laughing at your misery! Forgive me please.

    I do understand tho. Why does everything break at once? It's both inconvenient and expense. Understand how the husband. Understand about the dog. Understand about the son. ;-)

  10. Hi Stacey, it sounds like you had a "challenging" week! Don't ya hate when that all happens at once?
    I am thrilled that you stopped by to check out my blog! Come back soon!
    I hope you find the color you're looking for at the paint sale!

  11. Life comes at you fast sometimes. I'll pray nothing else breaks down! We all understand the ups and downs, Stacey. I hope you have fun with your dad! Twyla

  12. Stacey... WHEW!!! That was some hectic and expensive week... Hope all goes better this week for you...


  13. WOW Stacey you have had a CRAZY week! I hope this one goes much better for you!♥

    Your comment about the burned grass is so true. We drove to Norman, OK on Sunday and there were all sorts of burned patches down the highway. We definitely need more than just one day of rain. I am kind of excited though since the forecast for Tuesday is sunny and 70's....bring it on!!!

  14. Hi Stacey,thansk for stopping by and commenting on our kitchen reno.It sounds like you've had a real crazy week.It seems like that is the way it goes here too when one thing breaks its starts some kind of chain reaction and something else has to go too.Oh boy,good thing all weeks aren't like that hey?I hope everything hums along the way it should this week for you.Take care,

  15. Goodness Stacey, Sounds like your weekend was not good...well, at least you will be getting new appliances! YAY! Blessings,Nancy


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