A Yummy Dinner & A New Book

Our New Year's Day dinner was pretty traditional.

We started with the most delicious pork sausage that came from a meat place in Dime Box, TX. Don't you love that name? My sister in law brought us this sausage and it is out of this world!! Way better than something from the grocery store. We also had cabbage - which I love. We had homemade bread which was a gift from our neighbor, Ellen. Oh yeah, black eyed peas. Mmmm.

Then we had what you see below. BJ, do you recognize this? It's hot water cornbread! My husband grew up eating it and loves it. I think it's odd. My son said, "This is like something from the Civil War when nobody had food."

Now this is the part where I admit that every year I plan to cook more and eat out less. This cookbook set to the rescue - Paula Deen two book set. Woo hoo!! Yes, most recipes have lots of butter, sour cream, cream cheese...you name it. It's southern cooking at it's best! I received this book set for Christmas.

Look closely - do you see the cute little birds? They are a salt and pepper set that my friend Cheryl gave me. I love em!!


  1. Oooh! Lucky you, 2 Paula Deen cook books! Love the S&P shakers. So cute.

    Karol :0)

  2. Oh, I foresee a tablescape with those cute s/p shakers, and food on the table from recipes in your new cookbooks. Paula's food is delicious, but you are right about the butter-of course, I think everything tastes better with gobs of butter! And I wonder why I can't lose weight! laurie

  3. Looks delicious girl! I remember the days of my Grandma's hot water cornbread. Yum! Yum! and you just brought back ALOT of memories! Love the salt/pepper shakers. Very cute!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. GM Stacey, thanks for dropping by, I love it when my friends drop in.That's what my Mom always had on New Years Day. I hated black eyed peas, but she wiuld make me take a bite. For wealth and health. :) I'm going to make that corn bread, it looks so good.And I love cornbread.


  5. Enjoy your new Paula Deen cookbooks! Everything she makes is pure comfort food. Yum! :)

  6. Hi, Stacey, thanks for coming by. Wanted to with you a very Happy New Year! I'm ready for some fun things going on & hope you'll come back often.

  7. Stacey~

    I am jealous of those Paula Deen cookbooks! I just LOVE Paula!!

    Her magazine is really good too, it comes out every couple of months and is packed with great recipes. Okay, I can't believe I am talking about food when I just posted about purging my house of fattening food!!!!

    Oh well...I can still look at recipes right???

    Love those salt and pepper shakers too!!!!

  8. Your dinner looked wonderful. Hope it brings you lots of good luck in the new year. I have never heard of hot water cornbread. It looks kind of odd:) Twyla

  9. Love the sweet little birds! And the cookbooks are great! I'm headed to Amazon to look for them!


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