Yesterday Rachael asked me if I knew about Bar Keeper's Friend for cleaning the sink.

Yep!! My mom and dad always have used it, so I do too. I don't have a stainless steel sink Rachael. I have the white kind that shows every scratch and stain. BKF works great for removing all the little marks that come from pans.

On that note, does anybody have some great product we all need to know about? Have I asked this before? The reason I ask is that I always buy the same old same old. Back in August when we were moving Spencer and his buddy Kale into the dorm room, my friend Cindy brought cleaning products that I don't buy. For example, she had Pledge that was orange scented (I think)...I've just always bought the lemon kind. Well, it made cleaning a little more fun to smell something different.

I'm having a de ja vu moment so I guess I've already talked about this subject.

So if you are using something neato that I need to know about SPILL the info, please!!

Now an update on Molly the old dachshund.

You all were so sweet to ask about her. Molly has a problem common to doxies. Her back is long and her spinal cord swells causing her back legs to get "gimpy". (husband's word) The prednisone should help over the course of a few days.

Cami talked to me about teaching Molly not to jump. Well, she's long past that. She hasn't jumped up or down in a long time. Cami you are so right - it's cute and sometimes convenient when they jump but it's bad for them!!
I'm officially rambling now, so I'm signing off. Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Give Molly lots of love for me today! Twyla

  2. Now I will have to check out this Bar Keepers Friend. Thanks for the tip Stacey! :)

  3. I have never heard of Bar Keeper's Friend. I'll be sure to look for it now! Your doxie is so sweet! We have one, too...she's 8 years old and she's as fat as a tick! I know that isn't good for her back, either. Hope your "baby" does ok.

    Have a super day!

  4. Hi Stacy! I love Bar Keepers Friend! I even use it on my flat top stove too!
    Poor little Molly! I'm sorry she's been having trouble! It hurts us when our little fur children hurt!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  5. I do like that bar keepers friend. It works on a multitude of things. Glad Molly will be better soon. Jackie

  6. Hey gril..I have never heard of Bar Keepers Friend...I need to look for that! lol I do hope your Molly is doing better...thanks for coming by and for the encouragement..I really want to drop some of this weight this year!
    Hope you have a great week my friend!

  7. We too have one of those awful porceline sinks that seem to show EVERY imperfection! And bar keepers friend is the only thing I've used that has actually helped to get it and keep it clean! Great post Stacy!! I've found a few fabrics that I think might help you bring your blue into red/yellow! Let me know when you're ready to send photos! Ooo, and give that beautiful puppy my love!

  8. This is nothing new...but I am telling you Swiffer company should be paying me! I love their duster. I seriously could not be without it!!

  9. The orange Pledge will remove crayon from your furniture easily!

  10. Thanks Stacey for your kind comment I hope I am commenting in the right area, I am still confused yet...but learning.


  11. Oh, now I remember Bar Keepers. For some reason I've always bought Comet. I guess it's like you said. Go with what you've just always done.

  12. Girl! lol What is with the spinach & mashed potatoes! lol lol Down here right now at all the local grocery stores they are big sales on the frozen veggies in the steam is cheaper to buy them than to buy the fresh and wash and prepare them...5 minutes in the mirco & they are ready...I have to be able to have my food quick so my Pepsi withdrawals won't get the best of me! lol

  13. BKF is a great product! I've always used that. I hope you're little baby is getting better. Thanks so much for coming by to see my tablescape. laurie

  14. I still use Bon Ami! I think it is very similar...very gentle cleanser! Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine! I'm on a dial up connection for a few weeks so I'm a little slow! heehee!

  15. Stacey,

    I know everyone probably knew about these but me. Mr. Clean magic eraser. I could not find anything to clean the walls along my stairs in our house. Someone told me about the m.e. and voila, I don't have to repaint before I move. It's like magic, now on to clean all the moldings.

    Thanks for your comment on my elevator story. It was so random, but it made me laugh and we all need a good laugh every now and then and your comment made me laugh too.

  16. Hope Molly is feeling all better real soon.

    Thanks for the tip on BKF. For years I have been trying to get the "pan marks" off of my white sink to no avail. I will be thrilled to pieces if this works.

  17. Okay, I am not that young...but I've never heard of this BKF! lol! I will seriously be buying this on my very next trip to the store. Thanks for the tip!

    What a neat post! I'm sorry that I can't think of anything right off to share with you though. If I think of anything, I'll just have to come back!

    Have a great evening friend!

  18. Thanks for the info on Bar Keeper's Friend - now I must try it!

    I really like Orange Windex. It gives my kitchen a little Pep when I clean. :-)

  19. Oh, I've never heard of this, either - but I have a stainless steel sink. I'll have to check it out - thanks! :)

  20. I am getting some good tips on cleaning products here today. LOL.
    Now if I would just get up and use them !

    Thank you for your sweet prayers for me Stacey. My scan came back negative !!!!!!!!!!! Whew !! HUGS.


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