A Welcomed Day Outside

Today has been absolutely beautiful and unseasonably warm. So...it has been a yardwork day for us!

Lots and lots of raking.

We live among many oak trees which are so pretty but that means lots of work. It's very worth it. There are so many trees that we have the effect of living alone but we are in a neighborhood.

I've been looking for the beauty out there. It's cold enough in Oklahoma that plants really do die back. Pansies will last through the winter. Sorry this one is blurry - take my word - she's pretty.

The fish are happy to have a warm day and they are moving around a little more. Did you know that we don't feed them in the winter? They do not digest their food well when it is cold. They just wait for Spring!

We love to watch the birds. There are five bird feeders in the backyard. Paul is very careful to keep them filled. We often see cardinals, bluejays, blackcap chickadees, and tufted titmouses. We also have woodpeckers, doves, robins, and others who pass through.

Cleaned the porch and scrubbed the windows. See my doormat? Cheryl, I love it!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. We are supposed to get a cold front later today that could possibly bring snow by Monday. That would be welcomed too!


  1. Your day sounds lovely. We are in the midwest and are enduring a winter storm warning with freezing rain and the possibility of 8 inches of snow. Enjoy your yard and your clean porch!!!

  2. Hi Stacy;

    Thanks for stopping by today! I love it when people lurk! LOL!!! You are right about the weather....it has been unseasonably warm in Arkansas today as well. My brother lives in Tulsa and said it was in the 80's.

    I love your pond. We have one and the fish do love these warm days.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Stacey,
    This weather is incredible! Love you doormat.

  4. hey girl...sounds like a great day....I love it when we get a good outside day in the middle of Winter...the yard takes alot of upkeep and it is just so nice to get outside...It has been raining off & on all day down here..but I will take that anyday over freezing snow! lol Thanks for coming by..I have tried the diet drinks off & on for years...I just can't get use to them! lol But if I can just taper off the Pepsi & the sweets...it would help me alot! have a great weekend!

  5. We loved the weather today also! I didn't know it was suppose to snow on Monday - bummer!

    Good for you for washing the windows - I haven't even taken down my Christmas tree!

  6. Oh Stacey ....don't you get spring fever on days like that! I love to be outside...Winter days are soooo hard on me!!!!! Nancy

  7. Hi Stacey :)

    I miss Oak Trees! They have a different kind here and we don't have acorns. Isn't that odd?

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day :)

    Happy New Year!

  8. Hi Stacy! You've had a busy day, it sounds! Love your doormat! Gotta love those trees! Thank you, Dear One, for thinking about my Mother. I appreciate you!
    BE a sweetie,

  9. We had a beautiful day here in Texas too!

    I love your scenery. Very nice! Did you guys build the pond? It's beautiful!

    Happy Sunday Morning!

  10. Hi Stacey,

    Oh I love that pond!! how pretty! If I had one it would be frozen now :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by and now you have me motivated to do the windows, I have to fess up, its been a season since they were done :) I did the inside though, but thats only one sided, lol...

    Happy 2009! hugs, Cynthia

  11. You have a gorgeous garden! I am surprised your fishies were actually active and swimming around!!! I wish Pansies would survive the winter here...we could use a little color in the front of our house. Love your doormat too!

  12. I love your new doormat! It is very dreary here today....foggy, misty and just plain ugly but we have football on and chili in the crockpot and church was wonderful so "it's all good"!

    Have a great Sunday!


  13. We had a beautiful day too, should have been out gardening too but I was bad & stayed in my pj's. I needed the break & even worse I took a 2 hour nap today. Oh, well, those trees will have to get planted this next week.

  14. Stacey, I love your fish pond. I had no idea that you don't feed them in the winter! That's amazing! We may have seen the end of this unseasonably warm weather. BRRRRR. laurie

  15. Oh how relaxing your fish pond must be! Hope you had a wonderful new year!

  16. So glad you had a pretty day or two...we have had some wonderfully warm days out here in West Texas...one day last week it got up to almost 80. AMAZING...
    We have a big pecan tree in our front yard and we have GOT to rake leaves and get down to the pecans...we had a bumper crop this year and I am so thrilled. We love pecans..
    Have a sweet day,

  17. Hi Stacey,

    I've stopped by your blog before, but I somehow lost track of you. Glad I was able to find you, again, thanks to Daphine!

    It's been like summertime here in GA., too. We can't believe that winter is actually here!

    I LOVE your fish pond. It's something I've always wanted.

    Hope you have a terrific Monday. Please stop by anytime...I love meeting new people!


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