Return of the Ice Age

The weather men have been saying that the ice would come on Monday morning. They were right!

Yesterday morning we had to run an errand and there were wrecks everywhere. Cars would attempt to go up a hill and then come right back down. We picked up Tanner at about 1:00 to avoid the after school rush-boy are we glad.

Look what happened when the bus attempted to go up the hill in front of our house. Can you tell that it's all sideways? I thought my mailbox was going to be history.

This picture of our truck was taken this morning. Sleet has been falling for a few hours. Can you see that the truck is all sideways? Uh huh...that happened yesterday when we brought Tanner home from school. I was just praying we didn't hit the house.

No school today!!

This weather calls for snuggling and good food. Maybe we can play some games. Mexican casserole is on the menu, I believe.

Look what happened yesterday.

Lots of napping!

I do realize that to northerners this is something to laugh at. In Oklahoma this is called an "Ice Event". Not as bad as the one we had in 2007 when people lost power for weeks at a time. In Edmond, we didn't have school for a week because of power losses.

Hope you all are warm and safe. I'll be visiting you today.


  1. This is about how it looks at our house. Lots of white ice everywhere! Good day to visit everyone's blogs I'd say. I plan on doing lots of crocheting! I'll never forget the ice storm of '07. We were with power for a week, but many had it worse than us. Have a happy day! Twyla

  2. OH Stacey, I don't care for that ice! But it does sound like you will have a good day...with good food..
    Yep, you could get one of those roostas...just let me know...and I will get busy on it. Blessings,Nancy

  3. How adorable your cat is! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Stacey - you could ice skate on our driveway, no scratch that, the driveway AND the street! It's awful here. It warms up just enough to melt the snow and then bam, flash freeze it into ice! Take this time to rest and nap! :)

  5. Ice where you live...snow where we live. You are right about it being a good day to keep warm and safe inside. It is days like this that I love reading a good book. Thanks for your kind comments about my grandma. Relax and enjoy your day.

  6. Hi Stacey!
    So glad you guys are safe & warm! That Mexican casserole sounds great, I'd love to have your recipe!

  7. Ice is no fun...the last ice storm we had we lost 3 BIG trees, one just missed the house. Thankfully, it looks like this storm will turn north before it reaches us. Stay Warm!

  8. That's what it looks like here in MO. We got the sleet but south of us got freezing rain. My husband wrecked getting our son from day care.

  9. I'm seeing all the ice photos from my blogging friends in Oklahoma, it's scaring me, cause it's headed here next! We rarely get ice, so when we do, I bundle up and stay inside.
    Hope you thaw soon!

  10. It sounds like a good day to stay in and be cozy. That ice is nothing to fool around with. It can be so dangerous.

    Stay safe!!

  11. Living in AR as a kid...Ice storms was a normal winter event. Not fun w/o electricity or heat! I missed a lot of school b/c of no power.

    We have 6 more inches of snow on the ice; I'm thankful...that stuff is dangerous.
    Stay home... nap, eat and have some fun! Love the kitty!

  12. OH...glad the HUGE bus didn't take out your mailbox!

  13. Well I am just a little below you in Northeast I hear the ice is headed our way. It is really wet out there and the temp is I may be enjoying a day home from school tomorrow! Hopefully with electricity!

  14. I remember the ice events when we lived in Dallas back in the early 90's. They were crazy and VERY dangerous!

    I am enjoying the snow for today here, because that ice you had at your house is on it's way to Northern Virginia. Eeek!!

    My kids were already out of school last week for MLK Day and the Inauguration. They have been out for the last two days for "Teacher Work Days"? It looks like tomorrow will be a bad weather day, so no school again. I love these guys, but I need a break to clean my house :-)

  15. Hey Stacey...we are going to send this ice we're having here in the DFW area right back atcha...LOL
    Stay warm...stay cozy... :-) Bo

  16. Oh, in the south it's called an "ice event", too - or something like Winter Ice Storm '09. lol :)

    I'm glad you're all ok & the truck & house are!

  17. Oh Stacey an ice storm. So glad you all are okay and your mail box. I love snow days.

  18. Yep, we're getting it tonight. LOTS of sleet that is! Tomorrow morning will be interesting!

    Stay warm and safe ladybug!

  19. As an former Okie, I have to say the sleet and ice storms are not something I miss. BUT...if you're inside looking out, it can be beautiful.

    Thanks for your sweet comments about our home. I was my dream home we finally built two years ago. I drew the plans myself and thank God every day for blessing us with our home.

    Stay warm and safe!

  20. Hi Stacey! This is your Vintage Christmas swap partner from Northern Calif. I just love wallpaper...adds texture to a room and elegance! I would love to have some old french flocked paper in my master bedroom. Your home is so have done a fabulous job!!! Cindy Novick


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