The Misadventures of Dog Bathing

This morning I cleaned happily here by myself for hours.

Drinking my coffee, listening to my music, and being followed by a big stinky dog. (Does that count as being alone?) I decided to give Katie a bath in my shower because it was 34 degrees outside and because I have promised myself that I would stop paying the groomer to do that job.

This is how it went:

Turned on the hot water.

Tried to secure the double doors with a pony tail holder so she couldn't escape the bathroom - if she escaped the shower. Yes, it has happened. And whoever thought of bathroom doors with no lock?

Coaxed and dragged her into the shower with the aide of the shower door pushing on her backside.

Washed away with cucumber and watermelon shampoo. She loved this part and the Water Pik shower massage thingy really helps. She licks at the water the whole time. Meanwhile, I have no clothes on and I'm freezing because she gets all the hot water.

Turned the water off and dried and dried and dried. She's shaking her big wet ears and water is flying! That's OK because we were still in the shower. You know how a dog can shake water off, don'tcha?

Then, she pushed open the shower door...went skidding across my bathroom floor...shook again with all her wet dog might...then BURST through my rigged up double doors.

Yes, I'm still naked in the shower. I figured at that point the damage was done so I would go ahead and do my thing.

By the time I got out, Katie had travelled through just about every room in the house shaking and puddling water on my wood floor.

I put her outside so I could get clothes on. By the time I got back (3 minutes later) she had rolled all around in the dry winter bermuda and was COVERED WITH DIRT AND GRASS. Yes, I was mad.

I had to mop the floors and clean the bathroom. She sat outside the patio door looking at me like she had no clue. Eventually I let her back in. You know what a wet dog smells like, right?

So much for thinking my house was gloriously clean!


  1. I'm sorry to be laughing Stacey, but I could see this entire scenario in my mind. Once when I returned with our beautifully groomed poodle, she darted across the street & rolled & rolled in FRESH cat poo! That was 16 years ago & I can still remember the smell and me having to bathe it off of her...ugh! ;-) Bo

  2. What a funny story Stacey! Sorry you had to reclean the house.

  3. OH yes,the adventures of dog bathing! LOL...We can wash our little guys with no problem but when it comes to the big girl... look out! She is a total mess just like your girl!! Gotta love em though right?!?!?!?! LOL

  4. Visions of Lucille Ball were swirling in my head. It's never fun bathing the dog, a job I hate, but I never thought about doing it naked! Twyla

  5. Stacey~

    Such a funny story, and I am laughing so hard because I can RELATE!

    Our dog Gertie, is our second Golden Retriever. Our first Golden absolutely loved the water and actually enjoyed her baths! Makes sense right...don't all Retrievers like water?? I was sure that would be the case with our second dog too!

    This Gertie...she is terrified of water and trying to get her into the bath takes an act of God or a hubby/teenage son to lift her in there. She sits there shaking like a leaf while I bathe's pathetic!

    I know you have to do it sometimes though...and it is cold here too. It's a little easier in the Summer because I take her outside in a baby pool and the neighborhood kids help...she seems to like that a little better.

    But I know the feeling...all that work for a stinky, wet dog!

    Thanks for the laugh this morning... :-)

  6. oh dear...been there, done that. I just save my pennies for the groomer because it's just too much to bathe our big Lab Beau. Laughing WITH you, not AT you.
    xo Lidy

  7. Stacey,

    I'm sorry, but this story made me laugh...A LOT! I can just see it all happening in my mind...too funny! Of course, I know it wasn't funny to you because you were having to deal with it! :)

    I gave Bella, our Shih Tzu, a bath last night and she HATES it! I put her in our jetted tub and she tried clawing her way out time and time, again. Then, I'd get her all soaped up and she'd shake water and suds everywhere! Drove me completely nutso! So, trust me, I do understand what a pain washing a dog can be...maybe it is better to leave it to the groomers!

  8. Been there, done that! At least you could laugh at yourself about it (maybe just a little?) Sorry, but I am laughing about it (a lot!). Fun post. laurie

  9. Oh Stacy... this was such a wonderful little story that made me smile ear to ear... I can't even imagine... my little Tiffany is a big job and she is a quarter of the size of Katie... Great post


  10. Oh Stacey,
    So, so funny. I can't believe that story! I was exhausted just hearing about it. So sorry your doggie messed up the house again. I hate it when stuff like that happens. Here's to a more relaxing night! Amy

  11. Oh my goodness! After all that work, too - it's a good thing she's so cute, isn't it?! :)

  12. Stacey, Yes, I understand! You couldn't win for losin! lol Nancy

  13. HAHAHAHAHA.....that's too funny! That silly,but smart dog! To escape the pony tail holder held door is crazy! Don't they just LOVE to run through the house while wet? Sorry he ended up getting dirty just as soon as he got clean!

  14. OH Stacey, what a sight that must have been. I think whatever the groomer charged, it is worth every penny.

    Sorry about the smelly wet dog smell. It is awful. I give two baths every Sat to dogs and it is not fun.

  15. Oh, Stacey...I laughed out loud at the picture of you, naked, washing your dog....too funny but I sure am sorry your nice, clean house got all water soaked!!!!

  16. Oh my gosh, I don't mean to laugh because I would be so stressed out, but I can relate! We have a big stinky dog too...luckily my husband will bathe him since I have a big belly in the way!

  17. Oh Stacey! It took three of us to give our 100 pound shepherd a bath and - I really symphathize with you. But - I couldn't help but laugh. Your description was oh so funny.

  18. Great story! You had me laughing! I leave the dog bathing to my husband, but I do help a little. Dogs - gotta love 'em!

  19. Ha, ha, i have so been there. The stinker. I just washed my 2 dogs, i have to lock the door and practically use my body as a shield so they can't get out of the tub. It took me 2 hours to cut Rudis hair. ( trying to save money). Then I tried to drug the boys so i could cut there nails. The Anxiety natural chill pill, did not work at all. Ok, Gino was ok, but off to the vet to get Rudis done. . That is to hilarious, i thought i was the only one who has to get naked in order to clean the dogs. You are so funny, but real.... mishelle

  20. I'm thinking with a dog that big and hard to bathe, the groomer is maybe worth it?


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