Happy New Year 2009!!

Happy New Year to all of you!

We have had a whirlwind holiday here the last few weeks. Lots of company in shifts and a quick trip to Texas.

We are ready and excited to start a new year. Have you made your resolutions?

I know some people do not make them because they view that as a quick way to fail. I see the new year as a time to start fresh. What do I need to do better? What do I need to improve? Goals are good when they are realistic and important to you.

The homepage on our computer is MSN and here are some of their suggestions:
-Spark your love life!
-Save money
-Lose weight - well that's a no brainer

My list includes losing and keeping off 4 pounds and walking more frequently...among other things. What are your goals?

Oh, I asked my mom and aunt the other day what their resolutions are. My aunt said, "Well, I think I'm going to drink more wine." I loved that!!


  1. I've been so busy, I forgot to make my resolutions...Happy New Year to you and I look forward to visiting your blog throughout the new year:-)

  2. Happy New Year, Stacey! It's been a pleasure to meet you through blogging this year! Looking forward to 2009. Blessings to you, Nancy

  3. I'm with you, a few unwanted lbs. and the wine doesn't sound bad either! Glad you're back! Twyla

  4. Four pounds! I need to lost at least 20. But I just seem to gain them back. My resolution is to be content. To maintain contentment and try to live as stress-free as possible. I hope for you the very same, blogging friend!

  5. Happy New Year to you!

    Karol :0)

  6. Wait....you came to Texas and didn't stop by for a visit!?!?!? What is that about??!?!??!?!

  7. Hi Stacey hope you are having a Happy New Year's Day.Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the sweet prayers.

  8. Here's wishing you a wonderfully Blessed New Year!! Oh, and I just love your aunt's resolution :)! hehe!!

  9. Hi Stacey,
    I just found you through your comment on Daphine's blog. I saw that we are both from Oklahoma and I just stopped by to check your blog out! I'll be keeping up with you.

  10. Stacey,

    Thank you for stopping by with your New Year's wish....you had a nice break....glad to see you're back! ~Cheryl

  11. Happy New Year!

    Drinking more wine was among my many resolutions too! I saw a blurb on the news a few days ago that said that drinking wine and eating chocolate are GOOD for you! You don't have to tell me that twice :-)

    Hope 2009 is wonderful for you and your family !!!!

  12. Sorry, I think I'm going to take your aunt's advice instead of yours! I've given up on weight loss (of course if I only had 4 pounds I needed to lose, I might do it)! Happy New Year Stacey! laurie

  13. Happy New Year! I posted my resolutions on The American Homemaker... I don't usually make them, but this year I thought, why not? :)

  14. Resolutions, don't make them because I know I'll never keep them. I do always try to improve though, be kinder to others & things like that. I hope you have a great year! Hugs, DebraK

  15. Stacey,
    Thanks for stopping by the blog! I'd love the challenge of mixing robins egg blue in with red and yellow. I think it could be, and would be fabulous. Do you mind sending me pictures of the room? And if you do, would you mind if I use it as a blog post? Thanks! Happy New Year!

  16. Stacey, love meeting you this year and look forward to more blogging from you in the coming year. Happy New Year to you and your family.


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