Home Sweet Home

Today has been a glorious day! It's freezing outside and a little ice is coming down. We are staying warm in the house. I'm always so glad to come home.

As promised I want to share some pictures with you. This is my dad's house in Lockhart, TX. This American Four Square house was built in 1910. When he purchased it four years ago he was told that it was a Sears Roebuck house. However, he does not believe that is true because he's never found any of the markings that are usually present in a Sears house. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the outside.

First let show you some of the house that HAS NOT been refurbished so you can get the scope of this project.

This is the first room you see when you walk in. The previous owner painted red, put fabric on the ceiling, tiles on the ceiling, you name it!! It's in terrible shape. EVERYTHING has to be rebuilt including the windows. It's a gypsy camp of stuff that he doesn't have a place for.

Fireplace mantel in the front room which has not been refinished. It will be beautiful when he's through with it. He thinks it's mahogany.

This is part of the back porch that he uses to do laundry. It will soon be a real laundry room. I think. Believe me, you really can't get the whole picture here. There are holes in the floor and the walls.

Part of a staircase. The whole center of the house is two staircases and hallways. You really can't tell in the picture how yucky this is!! Only a person with real vision would take on this job.

Now let's move on to parts of the house that have been refurbished.

Pretty different, huh? This is the master bedroom. Can you see how each room passes into the other?

This is the piano room which is right across from the ugly red room. I didn't get good pics but this room has two sets of sliding doors that are about 10 feet tall. There are also one of three fireplaces in here.

The floors throughout the house are original and have been refinished.

A little peek at the bathroom. Yes it's a beautiful tub. No there isn't a shower. Kind of has a Pottery Barn look doesn't it?

This is a look at the dining room. The wallpaper is creamy yellow with birds and vines. It's gorgeous!

Kitchen cabinets. Some are open and some are glass fronts.

Old O'Keefe and Merrit range. Dad's pride and joy in the kitchen.

Dad's Christmas cactus in full bloom.

This is my Dad!!


  1. What a breathtaking house! The woodwork is so pretty...I would love to have that kind of detail in my house...!

  2. What a beautiful house and what a wonderful job he is doing of restoring it! I love that kitchen, and that d.r. wallpaper is so pretty. Thank you for sharing this wonderful home. laurie

  3. My goodness, your dad has great vision for redoing his house...the finished rooms are wonderful... please show us more as he progresses and the outside too!
    ;-) Bo

  4. Wow, those are my favorite kind of houses....historic!!! I love the kitchen and the toile wallpaper and the bathtub, awesome!


  5. Great house...love the kitchen. Thanks for taking the pictures and sharing them. It sounds like you had a nice time seeing your dad .
    Glad you returned home safe and sound :-)

  6. MAJOR difference! I so love that kitchen!

  7. Wow, he has done a fantastic job and the rest of the house will be beautiful. Love that stove...I probably wouldn't want to cook on it...but it is pretty to look at.

  8. Wow, it's a wonderful house! The wood flooring is so pretty, and the master bedroom - I love it. :)

    I can't believe someone actually put fabric on the ceiling, though. That's one I've never heard of!

  9. Beautiful home! Lockhart is such a neat little town...we lived in Austin for a number of years. The Texas Hill Country is still one of my favorite places on earth.


  10. I love your dad's house Stacey. I admire anyone who takes a project like that. I can tell he has great taste in decorating choices!

  11. Hi Stacey, That is one gorgeous house! Love the kitchen and the tub and the master bedroom...lord, I loved it all! You will have to keep us posted. Nancy

  12. Stacey - what a wonderful job your dad has done taking that diamond and shining it up. I'm sure he's got big plans for the rooms that he's yet to touch, and with what you've shown us here, I'm sure that they'll be beautiful when he's through! My absolute favorite is the bathroom, with that gorgeous tub, and those beautiful subway tiles. That wall color is perfect for a bathroom, especially popped against that white! Oooo, if only I were still in Texas. :)

  13. Hi Stacey, I'm happy you made it home safe and had fun.
    Beautiful pictures.
    What a lovely home with so much character. Very nice.
    Warmly, Melissa :)

  14. Wow Stacey I love this home... We have seen many Sears’s homes and they are always beautiful... Whether this is one or not it is magnificent and when he is done what a treasure it will be... I love it... Glad you made it home safe and sound... Have a great night


  15. Oh dear, I love your house. Your master bedroom and kitchen are awesome. What a huge project---just lovely!

  16. Hi Stacey! Love your dad's house. Oh the rooms that have been remodeled are so gorgeous. Love that old stove and the dining room wallpaper! It's beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Glad you made it home safely friend! Your dad's home is beautiful! LOVE the bathtub! Very nice! I'd like to have his stove! lol!

  18. Toile bedding, a man after my own heart. What a lovely house. The kitchen is so wonderful , I hope to see the finished product someday. So far it is adorable. Great bones. ( not your father, the house..lol) ok your father must have really great bones to do that kinda work. lol. mishelle

  19. This is going to be so beautiful when he is all finished. Thanks for the tour. Twyla

  20. Your dad's house is awesome. I can't wait to see it finished.

  21. Great house and what a sweet little daddy you have!!!! That stove is awesome and I can see so much potential in the un-finished parts. OHHHH...the mantle will be one of the houses crowning glories. Thanks for sharing...keep us posted.

    PS: Enjoy your dad, every single minute....they are always gone way too fast.

  22. Holy moly Stacey! That house is incredible and the kitchen.... be still my heart over that stove!!! I hope you'll share his progress :)

    Thank you for telling me about this and I'm sorry it took so long to get here. I. am. Swamped. LOL

    Merry Christmas!!

  23. Oh, my goodness. Love that kitchen! Completely in love with that range. Your Dad is doing a fabulous job with the reno!


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