Thanksgiving 2008

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did!

This first picture is flowers that my mom sent us. They are beautiful and made the perfect centerpiece on the table. Thank you Mom!

Here's a picture of Paul and Spencer frying a turkey for the first time. They set up a make shift table (wood and sawhorses) on the side of the house for their cook station. I don't know why they picked this spot - maybe out of the wind? Anyway, they cooked like pros and we ate most of it! We had a huge spread of delicious food. Did I remember to take pictures? Of course not.

Our friend Cynthia came to eat with us. We were so happy to have her company. Her guys are hunting in Texas right now.

This evening we met friends at the movies. We saw Four Christmases. It was hysterical! Very funny - four thumbs up!

I can't wait to see what y'all have been up to!


  1. Hi sounds like y'all had a great did it's on to the leftovers...LOL ;-) Bo

  2. I bet that fried turkey was delicious. My husband had fried turkey at a tailgate party a few years back and he still talks about how good it was! I will have to think about seeing "Four Christmases" sister-in-law wants to go see it this weekend and we didn't know if it was worth it. Sounds like it is :-) Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving

  3. Hi Stacey,
    Looks like you all had a great turkey day! Love those flowers your mom sent!

  4. Hey lady! Looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving. I love the centerpiece! It's beautiful!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Sounds like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Erin ♥

  6. My sister-in-law does a fried turkey every year and it's really good. I started brining mine last year, and I love it that way, too. :)


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