Love Hate Relationship with Jeans

EDITED AT 4PM: Hi girls!! You all have had plenty to say about jeans. I went to Kohl's today and bought some Levis. Why have I missed them all along? Thanks for your help.

I love blue jeans. I hate blue jeans. You understand, right? The right jeans with a sweater or cute top is a dream come true.

I just read an article at Simple Mom about the items all gals should have in their wardrobe. Of course, jeans are important. But lets talk about it...

There are straight leg jeans (my favorite). There are boot cut jeans which look great with heels but I don't wear heels. There are jeans that look like slacks (I want some).

From my perspective there are jeans for people with NO BOHINEY. There are lots of jeans with legs that come up to my chest.

I don't get it!! I'm pretty average, aren't you? I'm a pear shape.

I have a bohiney and a waist that do not match up. Get the picture? If it fits me in the bohiney, then someone else could climb in through the waist. Everyone has their issue. I went to the mall last week and tried on 9 pairs of jeans. I bought none!!

Anyone else have a big bohiney and little waist? What jeans do you like?


  1. Yes...I have that exact problem! I have small waist, big hiney, and I am only just over 5'1.

    I like Gap jeans, and my new faves are Ann Taylor Loft for dressy type jeans.

    But....for comfort...just give me some sweats :-)

  2. I found some boot cut jeans at Sam's last year that I just love for $16.99! They've got a little stretch which makes it nice for my ever changing waist line! Since I'm sitting at my computer upstairs I'm too lazy to run downstairs & check out the name of the jeans! Anyway, I liked the the first pair so well I bought a 2nd pair with another wash. They still have them at Sam's last time I checked.

  3. I HEAR YA!



  4. I actually blogged about this the other day! :o) How funny! I FINALLY found jeans. No kidding. I can never find them. I have the same issue you do. :o) I bought 2 pair of Levi 529 ... are you ready for this name?! "Curvy Jeans!" No kidding! Someone at Levi heard the cries of women like me and created a pair of jeans that will not open in the back and actually fits all my curves! I am only 5'2" so I bought the 6 petite. They are boot cut but with tennis shoes they are cute. I hope this helps. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  5. don't even get me started on jeans. If they can put a man on the moon, why can't they put a pair of jeans on a girl, woman?

  6. Yuck! I have not found a pair that I would swear by, but last year my husband did get me a pair of "Seven by all Mankind" jeans...they are designer jeans and they really do fit well. But they are expensive, so I think I will just have the one pair of jeans and save them for special occasions! The rest of the time I will throw on whatever I can find!

  7. I agree, women have a love - hate relationship with jeans. I love that they go with everything. I hate that they are uncomfortable, to me anyway. The absolute worst was the low-rise style that was popular a couple of years ago. No, I like for jeans to come up to my waist! I have a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans that I was lucky enough to find at the thrift store that fit real nice. I am a big fan of a percentage of spandex in the jeans, a little give is a good thing! Twyla

  8. I blogged about this 2 days ago. I found the perfect jean. Gloria Vanderbilt, the perect Fit. They r so comfy and under $20.00 view my blog about them.

  9. Ok I think I probably have the big bohiney and big waist, but on occasion I do have that problem. Have you tried Liz Claiborne Jeans or som with some stretch, that don't look like it. It seems like a lot of jeans must be made for perfect figures, one thing I surely don't have. Jackie

  10. I used to love to wear jeans in high school. After I gained weight (more so in the bohiney), jeans just DO NOT look right on me at all. Therefore, I could live without 'em! Levi's were my favorite...but now we don't like each other. lol!

    Happy Thursday!

  11. I have a hard time finding jeans to fit me, too. I did find some from the Gap, the curvy ones, that finally fit well & I really like them. And they're pretty reasonalble, too. :)

  12. Well I don't have a waist that is very small... I have wide hips... so sometimes I do have the problem of the loose waist... I just deal with it...I like Levi's they fit me the best... Hope you have good luck on your quest for the right jeans for you...


  13. i must say that i have been having good luck with jeans and cords at kohl's. i have a few extra pounds and their sonoma brand is very comfy. now if i could only end this muffin addiction i could be back at the gap! LOL

  14. I have trouble with sizes because I am different sizes in different locations. My waist is size 12, my rear is size 10, my thighs are size 12. I am long waisted and long legged, gotta have tall length. I like both straight leg and boot cut. I hate a waist that is not at the waist; nobody wants to see my naked backside when I sit down or bend over (and I don't want to see anyone else's either; the designers don't realize that!) The two best brands for me are GAP and Victoria's Secret. I can buy them online, which is a blessing, because I do not have the patience to try on jeans, or anything else when shopping!

  15. LOL Oh my word girl...I thought my family was the only one that ever said bohiney!!!! lol lol....It is hard for me to find a pair I like...they mess with me too much! lol I am a well 'rounded' Southern lady you know!!!! lol Thanks for coming by..hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  16. I hear ya, sister! Do what I do, when you find a pair that actually fits in the "bohiney", the waist, AND the length. Buy 3 pairs, because when you go back to get another pair of those perfect fitting jeans, they have stop making that style. Then you have to start ALL over again with the trying on 9 pairs of jeans thing.

    I have a love/hate relationship with jeans, too.

    Karol :0)

  17. I agree, when you find some you like buy 2 or 3 pair...I do. I am short and actually like boot cut. I do not wear heals either except for a boot now and then. I JUST bought jeans. My friend had some on I liked and I asked her where she got, Old Navy! Very comfy. Also Liz jeans work for me.

  18. I bought a pair of Lee jeans last year that are midrise and loved that they fit my hiney and my waist. I bought some this year and no such luck. They are the same exact jeans but the fit is terrible. It's always fun to put a belt on to take up the slack and then you look like you have gathers! Sorry I'm no help. Thanks for stopping by!

  19. I am so happy to hear that I am not alone. I gave up on jeans and bathing suits. Just don't do it anymore. After just doesn't work for me anymore. A black cord or black or brown slacks are all I will buy. I must admit, that I did by a two pairs of dress denims at Steinmart...I think they are brand 2000 something or other. But I don't consider it a jean, no suds, no cute pockets, no antique wash and jean stitching...just a dress denim pant...that I wear with black boots. I'd rather it be hot and in bermuda shorts, tank top and cute flip flops! That, I can still do! ~Cheryl


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