Sweet Marriage & Scary Movies & the Geek Squad

WARNING: Serious rambling ahead.

So this is how the conversation just went.

Paul said, "I'm gonna start talking bad about you Stacey. You spend too much time blogging."

I said, "OK. It's better than watching Halloween movies on TV."

He said, "I'm not watching Halloween movies, Pighead."

NOTE to Reader: Do Not be alarmed, we have these terms of endearment in our marriage. LOL!

Now I ask, do you like scary Halloweeny movies? That's probably the one thing I do not like about October. No scary movies for me, please. Never liked them..never will!


Our good computer tried to die on us Thursday but the Geek Squad resurrected it finally. Of course, teen-age son won't let me on there. I'm just pecking away on my husband's lap top.

Speaking of the Geek Squad...we purchased one of those spiffy repair plans when we got the favorite computer. So they were supposed to fix it for free - which they did. They called us 3 times and tried to sell us an external hard drive while they had it. My son spoke with them last time and said, "Dude, we aren't going to buy anything else. Could you just fix our computer?" I hope he wasn't too rude. I'm so glad he knew we didn't need it.

Our friend said it's like when you are at the drive in at Sonic. You order your hot fudge sundae and they say, "That's one hot fudge sundae. Would you like Cheddar Peppers with that?"


  1. Hiya Stacey...Fun read today...I like aimless rambling...LOL, ;-) Bo

  2. Aimless rambling happens when you have a broken computer and can't access all the proper tools!!

  3. I called them last month and asked how much they charged to come out (The Geek Squad), and it was around $300! I said, no thanks, I think I can find it cheaper than that. I had them come hook up a wireless network once and it wasn't very long ago. And I swear it wasn't that high! Finally I found a local guy to come out. He even took my computer to the shop and brought it back for less than $100.


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