The Little Things

Spending some time this week cleaning and getting ready for a little company. It's been a while since we've had visitors so we are excited!

When I'm at home taking care of life I often realize that little things can really make me happy. Here are a few...

It's true! The smell of Downy makes me happy. Maybe that's pitiful but oh well. My mom uses it and it smells homey to me. I've tried others and Downy is the ticket for us. The Purex laundry detergent is a recent find for me. It's not expensive, it works, and it smells good.

Having the lamps on warms things up. Just makes it a little cozier.

Last but definitely not least - Must have coffee!
What little things are out there that help make your day complete?


  1. Hi Stacey,
    I live in Missouri...not too far from you! I LOVE that rooster lampshade, that bebobble fringe is just too cute.

    Have fun getting ready for your company!

  2. for me coffee, a piece of chocolate, a decorating magazine, hot bath, and good book make my day- beside the people I love, of course!

  3. First Thanks for stopping by my Blog! I'm a coffee drinker too and it is the little things that makes me happy too, thanks for sharing & have a wonderful day, Jannet

  4. Stacey!! I was just reading your profile and was thrilled to see your son attends OSU!! My husband and I are U of AL grads but our oldest daughter and son-in-law entered OSU last year in PHD programs and began teaching this fall!! We are extremely proud as I know you both must be. It is truly a small world. :) Beverly

  5. The smell of Downey reminds me of home and my mom, too! Your lamp looks very cozy - they have a way of cozy-ing rooms up, don't they. :)

  6. OOOOh, I love the rooster lamp shade! Too pretty! Nancy


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