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Finished that flower bed project yesterday afternoon. It took me two trips for flowers and mulch and one more trip to get rocks or boulders. I think it looks much better than the over grown situation that was there before.

Pansies are so much fun in an Oklahoma winter. It can snow or be very cold for a long time and they will still poke up their bright little faces.

Thought about putting mums in also. However, it could freeze here very shortly and I don't think they would be able to establish before that. Still might stick in some bulbs for next spring.

You can see that I put a few of the day lilies back in here. They completely die back here in the winter. Next spring it's a glorious day when you see those green leaves beginning to poke out of the ground. I still have lots of day lilies that need a sunny spot.

Have you ever tried to divide day lilies? It cracks me up because in Southern Living they talk about gently breaking them apart...Let me tell you. It takes a sharp shovel and it doesn't hurt them!! We love this Stella d'Oro variety. They don't smell but they do bloom profusely all summer.

Oh, I just realized I need a few pumpkins in there!!

Have a great Autumn day!


  1. It looks beautiful. I am so behind, I haven't planted a bulb or a pansy. That's on my weekend list of things to do. Good job!!

  2. Hi there
    I came over from Twyla and Lindsey's blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the lovely pictures of your flower bed project. I love pansies too, they remind me of lots of little smiling faces. It's a bright and cold Autumn day here in England. Best Wishes

  3. Your plant bed looks great...I love yellow flowers.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Loved your garden project. We just planted pansies for the first time last week. Not quite sure what they will do over winter in our crazy Colorado weather. Take care, Sally

  5. Hi Stacey...Looking good there! Your front door is so prettily decorated too! Why don't you pull some of those dishes out and jump into Tablescape Tuesdays with us?!
    See ya later, ;-) Bo

  6. I grew up in OK. So I do remember those winds! Oh, those blustery, chilly, know-you-right-off-your-feet winds.

  7. I love to garden - it's so relaxing. :) I haven't planted pansies yet, but I did get some mums this year.

  8. I admire you for your gardening skills. I do not have a green thumb. I know your garden will be beautiful. Congratulations on your award! Twyla

  9. The pansies are beautiful. I still have much yard work to do, but those flower beds are wonderful!Jackie

  10. Beautiful garden! I love your pansies. They're so cheerful.

    Erin ♥


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