Friday Favorites & A Mess

I am so impressed by many bloggers who decorate. Some of you girls move your pretties around all the time. I've seen you completely redo vignettes on a regular basis. Me, not so much. I'm trying though. These are a couple of my favorite little shots from around the house. Now truthfully..they may have been this way for a year..or more.

I can see dust up there. Don't laugh. This is the top of Mama Rose's china cabinet that we were lucky to receive. It is the top for heaven's sake!

Do you see a common theme? Yes I love my transferware. It's all over the house in various colors.

Now for the mess and my request for your advice.

I have a constant struggle with papers. We are actually good about filing, tossing, etc. But there are always papers that we might need in the next week or two that are laying around. You know, pizza coupons, Macy's ads, various announcements. What is your method for dealing with them? I want the pile gone!! Ideally hidden from sight. Help me.


  1. Hey Stacey!
    Here are a few suggestions. I guess your little mess is in the kitchen right? Maybe one of those neat bulletin boards with the criss-cross ribbon would be a good place for coupons & etc. that you need quick access to. I saw some at Kohl's this week, on sale I think. What about a shallow basket or decorative box (Hobby Lobby?) with a lid for other papers? Good luck!
    I like your transferware vignettes, very pretty.
    Carol :>)

  2. Hi Stacey, I really like the name of your blog - it's really cute. And your vignettes are pretty. :)

    I struggle with paper and junkmail, mainly catalogs! One thing that I've done that has helped a lot, is stand right by the trashcan when I bring the mail in. If it is junk mail or something I know that I will never read or use, I tear it up and throw it away right there. That way only the necessary mail remains. I'm still working on this, though - I have several coupons laying on the counter as we speak. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, nice to meet you!

  3. Beautiful vignettes! I love transferware too and have it thruout my home. My favorite colors are red and blue :o)
    I try to go thru the mail and toss things as soon as we recieve them but like you there are always those few things we need during the week. I have a basket that hangs on the wall to hold all those things. I love the idea of using a memo board as another blogger suggested. Unfortunetly I don't have any wall space for that but maybe you do? Have a great weekend!

  4. Very pretty, is your dining room red? it looks beautiful. I have same problem with mail clutter. I do like Carol suggested...a decortive box. If I put things in a drawer, I'll fofget them!

  5. Girl, I love your transferware! Oh, I do understand when it comes to papers...I started a quick file system on top of my desk..then once a week I go through those files and make sure they are permently(sp) filed or any thing in there that needs to get done. You can check out my new little file box on one of my latest post about a desk redo. Hope you have a great weekend. Nancy

  6. Hey Stacey,

    I can't stand clutter, but somehow it finds its way into our homes anyway. I use a binder with dividers. One section is for take out menus. One section is for menus that I've made up. I use these menus for ideas when I go grocery shopping and I don't know what to cook. I also have a stand up rattan file to hold folders. Each child, myself and hubby have folder. When I get something for them that I am not ready to file, like report cards, mail, I stick it in their file. I use a small plastic accordian file for coupons. Just a few ideas.

  7. Hi Stacey!

    Boy can I ever relate to the paper piles!!! The biggest culprits in our home are school papers. I just don't have the heart to throw away anything that my children made, colored or created. Needless to say, if they made it, mamma's keeping it - LOL!! If you find a good solution that works for you, I'd love to hear about it because I just can't seem to get the paper clutter under control!

    Love, love, love the transferware plates!

    Have a great evening and thank you for stopping by my little corner of blogland! I'm so glad you came!


  8. Hi, Stacey!! I understand your dilemma! One thing I've done to control the paper mountain is to put a shredder in my garage next to my car. I get the mail from the mailbox on my way in at night, sort into keep or throw away, and shred before I enter the house. This way most of the problem never gets invited in!! Bev :)


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