Fall Gardening

Here's a peek at some of the work that went on here this weekend. Paul is styling in his waders. He's not going hunting or pearl gathering or anything like that. He's cleaning moss and leaves out of our pond. Does anybody know how to master the moss? We have not figured it out yet!

We also worked in the front yard on that project I wanted to start earlier last week. We lifted out all of the perennials and left the bushes in place.

So far I have put in two flats of pansies..replanted all the sedum that was lifted out..and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with all the Stella d'Oro day lillies. I will spend this afternoon dividing them but we are pretty much out of sunny spots to put them. We are also going to the rock store to find a big mossy rock to go in there. Stay tuned..my wimpy arms are sore!

Here's something else that happened this weekend. Pray for us please.

Teenage boy got a car. He still has just a learner's permit, thank goodness. He can't take off yet.


  1. I will be praying for you and your son. That never ends. Mine are on the road to New Orleans at this very moment. Left at 4:00am pray for them please. The gardening looks like you have been very busy. Is the pond a goldfish pond? My husband would love for us to do one of those. Don't work too hard. Jackie

  2. Oh my goodness, a teenage boy with a car. I will definitely be praying for you. My son is 22 and we have weathered that storm. I need to plant pansies. You have been busy. I love the waders and the pond.

  3. Hi Stacey,
    Congratulations on getting started with your fall gardening projects. We need to get busy next weekend planting tulips & pansies. Your son looks so cute in his car! I remember how I felt when our son started driving. It is scary! Don't work too hard in the yard! :>)

  4. well its nice to know that you have great hits here.

  5. Hi Stacey...That post makes me feel guilty-haha. I need to be doing the same thing...ugh. Well, no pond cleaning because we don't have one...about the moss...have you checked with a place that sells fish? It seems I recall there's some kind of tablets to kill algae??? ;-Bo

  6. What a handsome son you have. He looks like you, I think. I will pray for you, I understand those worries. Your yard is going to look beautiful. Have a great week. Twyla

  7. Ohhhh, I remember that feeling when my son pulled out of the driveway himself for the first time. At first it is super scary but before you know it, he will have a little experience so you will feel better and you will enjoy the fact that he can drive places himself (cuts down on the car pool!) Sending a little prayer your way. Amy :)


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