Decorating Opinions Wanted

First can I just say that the couch is really not the red color that it always appears to be in the pictures. It's a deep beautiful red. The walls are ecru or a creamy pale golden color.

Progress on my living room is happening slowly but surely. I finally sold my coffee tables to the cutest young couple. Bought a print and had it framed. Also hung my two wall shelf/sconces..not sure what to call them. Now, I need your help.

I want to surround the print with plates and I would like your input. You have choices so let me know if you like one better than another...or hate them all. :)

I originally thought I would move these leaf plates and add several to them. I love the colors and variations. They are kind of on the small side - the ceiling is 10'- so it would take several.

We have a set of these Limoges dishes that were Paul's grandmother's. They are absolutely beautiful. Much lighter than anything else in the room. The outer ring is robin's egg blue and there are flowers in the middle.

I also have a set of these cabbage plates from my mom and Aunt Jean.

Last but not least, I have considered collecting brown transferware.

I have ordered an ottoman for the center of the room that is out of leopard! We're wild people here- can't ya tell?!

These two sage green chairs are on the other side of the room. I need more pillows and a throw. I want a huge mirror on the wall behind the chairs. Maybe even a leaning mirror. Going to change the lamp shade and cover the cord...

I'm open to suggestions. Tomorrow my friends and I are going to:

Anything that you tell me this room needs - they will have!! Thanks for your ideas.


  1. Mornin', Stacey (I just love that name...may be why I named my daughter Stacy...tee hee)
    Oh, I am loving your new room...and I think your idea of plates on the wall is great. I use a LOT of plates on my walls, too.
    Paul's g-mother's dishes are to die for...why not put the largest platter at the top and work from there? Or, of course, I am a transfer gal so I would love the brown there, too. The plates will give your room the personality of your sweet self....
    Have mucho fun....
    love, bj

  2. I'm not a decorating genious, but I think the leaf plates would look pretty in there and I LOVE animal print. That will look so cool in there. Twyla

  3. Go for the plates. I really like the green leaf plates and have some similar. Could you mix and match the two types of plates? I am definitely no design expert, but go for what you like. Jackie by the way I will have todays project up in a minute.

  4. I like the leaf plates Stacey. Brown transferware also sounds nice too, maybe a combination of the two. Have fun at Affair Of The Heart! Can't wait to see what you find there.

  5. I wouldn't dream of giving you advice on decorating. You are very gifted and will make the best choice. I am trying to find plates for my office. Thanks for being my blogging friend.

  6. I love the leaf plates the best! while it might take a lot of them because you said they were small, I think they are so rich looking and the colors are amazing for above the sofa! I love how the edges are scalloped in that pretty Merlot color too! Thats my pic ;)

  7. I really love those green leaf plates - they're beautiful! :)

  8. I use to go to that event when I lived in Norman, Oklahoma!

  9. How about mixing the leaf plates and the cabbage plates. It's coming together great!
    Take care, DebraK

  10. Hi Stacey, I think with the red and the animal prints, I would use the greens...either one...the leaf or the cabbage plates or try using both and mixing them. The greens will look so good with your print too! I can't wait to see what you do! nancy

  11. Hi Stacey,
    I stumbled across your blog while visiting another one.

    Sorry, I can't give you any ideas on this one. However, I do love your color scheme, especially the red couch and curtians. Very nice!

    I enjoyed my visit and will return again.

  12. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I love your red sofa. I finally got me one April. I love it! I like your idea for the ottoman. And your plates are beautiful too! I will be back.


  13. I love the red couch! I think some plates on the wall would be really pretty...also wanted to say I love the name of your blog!

  14. Thanks for your input girls! I just love having a group of great decorators to ask! :)

  15. First I would decide on end tables and lamps to get a feel for how much space you need to fill. A pair of end tables with substantial 27" high lamps with shades that contrast with your wall color would be nice. Then you could put something on your brackets like urns that go with the lamp shades and add your leaf plates around the top of the picture and use the cabbage plates to fill in on the sides.
    Love everything you are doing and am jealous of your beautiful wood floors.

  16. Well I know it's gonna be gorgeous when it's done...because you have PLAID drapes...I'm a sucker for plaid! I like the idea of the combo of cabbage and leaf...that way you won't have to buy more and the varied sizes will add interest. I'm anxious to see how this turns out!


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