It's a Miracle Anything Gets Completed

See if you can follow along with my morning....then please tell me you are the same way.

-Blogging for much too long. Thinking, "Oh my gosh I love this POOPIES thing. I've had visitors!" "Better go do something productive for awhile."

-Vacuuming the rugs. My obsession.

-Get a Diet Coke. Thinking, "How long till lunch?" "What can I eat that's not too fattening?" Weight Watchers Smart Ones here I come.

-Vaccuming my closet. Notice lots of extra coat hangers. Gather them up and take them to the laundry room.

-While in the laundry room I grab stack of towels for the front bath room. Put them away.

-Then walking past my bedroom I spy the closet light on. Thinking, "Why is that light on?"

-Go to turn the lights off and spy the vacuum cleaner. OH BROTHER!!


  1. Hello are not the only one trust me! lol I have days just like that! lol I want to thank you for coming by to visit...I love you pond in the backyard! We are backyard... sitting on the porch kind of people...I love being outside and seeing the flowers & the birds and hearing the water fountains..I have always wanted some sort of big water feature but we haven't got to that project yet! lol Take care and I hope you have a great Sunday!

  2. I'm the same way. Some times I can't believe how things just seem to get done.


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