Sharing the Computer

You know it's tough when you share a computer with a teenager. How's a girl supposed to look at her favorite blogs when someone wants to play World of Warcraft? I have habits the mornings I get my VERY important first cup of coffee and come in to the computer to see if any of my favorites have been updated. I can't describe the how great it feels to have fresh coffee and something new to look at on Southern Hospitality or Sweet Nothings! Truth be told, I quickly run through all of my favorites to see if there is anything new to read. My wonderful friend Cheryl updates hers with cute pics of things we've done together sometimes. That's fun. :) I try to think of it as the same thing some people do with their morning newspaper. Only this is so much better!

Hope you are all having a great Labor Day Weekend. We've been watching the weather constantly. Hoping the best for all the people in the path of the hurricanes.

Must go now. World of Warcraft is summoning my son!!

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  1. Hey girl!! I'm so excited that you have a blog now! Love the cute name!! It so fits you!! You could've also named it "Sweeping the Floors", cause I know you do that pretty often also!! Welcome blogging buddy!!


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