What Makes It Feel Like Home?

What makes you feel at home?

Sometimes it's a favorite chair or the perfect coffee cup.

Sometimes it's the puppy who greets you at the door.

Here at Poofing the Pillows, I feel at home with red pitchers, bird nests, and curlicue letters.

We've had a little facelift here in the last 24 hours to reconstruct the old look.

Ahh...now I feel at home. :)

Speaking of homes, here's where we are in the home building process right now.

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Tea Cups, Making Plans, and the Promise of Spring

When is a tea cup not just a tea cup? When it is used for something other than its original purpose or when it's made better. Today this little tea cup which normally has hot tea or coffee in it is holding fresh flowers and keeping me company while I dream. 

I'm dreaming in colors y'all!

♥Happy Valentine's Day ♥

On Valentine's Day and every day,

I'm grateful for you.

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Creating a Sweet Spot in our Rental- Ten on the 10th

Hi friends. 
Welcome to the second Ten on the 10th where I'm joining some other friendly bloggers 
to share ideas for under $10.

This month I'm going to tell you a little about our rent house and a spot I adore.  This little house is teaching me some things. It's nice and truth be told...we could live in it forever with some work. However, the walls are painted dark gray and burgundy. It's dark in here! What some might feel are moody and cozy colors feels like a cave closing in to me. We are making the best of it though and have enjoyed a few carefree months in here so far. It's kind of nice to have home maintenance be someone else's responsibility.

First Friday Home Tour Featuring Sweet Nothings

Good morning peeps!

It's my favorite day of the month when I get to share the home of another sweet blogger with you. This month's feature is the sweet, spunky, and always fun

BJ's blog was the very first one I ever stumbled across many years ago and I'm still a faithful follower of hers. BJ and Mr. Sweet Nothings live way out on the other side of Texas but one of these days I hope to meet her in person. Now let's let her show you around and then be sure to pop over to her blog for beautiful decorating, amazing recipes, money saving ideas, and family fun all with a little faith thrown in.

My thanks to Stacey at Poofing the Pillows
for inviting me to show  a few snippets of our Summer House.