Ready - Set - Go!

Remember a few weeks back when I told you our house was on the market? 
We are under contract now and the packing is well underway!   We are so excited!!
We've only lived in this house 4 1/2 years so we are feeling a little like serial movers. 
 We aren't serial movers at all we just need to move to the right house.  That's all. :)
This house was not a mistake but it's not what we need either.  So what are we doing? 
A bunch of you have asked that question in emails so I'll explain.

Our current house is two stories and we want one story. We love to be outside and we love to garden. I think I've said before that gardening is our love language. So, we are moving to a spot with an acre and a half to garden. We'll have more room for butterfly gardens and maybe some veggies too. We definitely want to build a pond again because we love them!!
We are building right next door to a sweet friend.  The new house design has already been drawn and we meet with the builder this week to get things underway.   We'll be moving to a rent house in a few days and be there while we build.
This is a real adventure for us so I hope you'll follow along. Our hope is to create the home we will live in until they cart us to the retirement center.  We welcome your advice and great ideas. 
Here's my first question for you...
Would you ever have a wood floor in your kitchen?
Why or why not?
Happy Halloween to you and all the trick or treaters.

Thoughts of Home #38

Welcome to the thirty eighth edition of Thoughts of Home on Thursday.
We are eagerly looking forward to the TOHOT Stunning Thanksgiving Vignettes tour which is now less than two weeks away.

Falling for Floral

Hey girls!
This week I'm sharing the Falling for Floral Top from Glamour Farms.

Simple sweater in the front but a floral party in the back.

I want to share a little about these picture taking sessions.  My photographer/the love of my life is visually impaired. He really can't see me at all through  the camera lens but he tries. He smiles and talks to me. He cusses fusses with the tripod and wants to help with this thing called blogging.  Our pictures do not come out perfectly every time and that's ok.  He'll look at this post when it goes live Wednesday and tell me I'm pretty.  I look at him attempting to take pictures and I fall for him all over again.

Cute clothes can make you feel pretty. Someone who loves you can too.
That's what's on my mind today....

Oh did you notice the white jeans and killer shoes?
I just read that not wearing white jeans after Labor Day is aging. 
Well heck - I'll wear them till the cows come home!

Floral patterns are all the rage right now. They can provide a bright spot when dreary winter rolls around.  Falling for Floral comes in wine and black with a simple look on the front perfect for a statement necklace or scarf and the back is all about the pretty flowers.  If loose, flowy tops are a style you enjoy, you'll love this one.

I've recently spotted these other fun finds at Glamour Farms:

Elsie Lace Tunic
Picture this with a beautiful, colorful scarf.
Be sure and notice the pretty sleeves.

Layer of Love Fringe Cardigan
So cute and comes in black too.

The Jane Military Twill Jacket
If you don't have a jacket like this, it's a must! 
I wear mine all the time.

Glamour Farms graciously offers this discount code to readers of my blog.
Code is valid thru 11/27/16.
Code can be used one time on regularly priced items.
Must be over $20.

Thank you for allowing me to share these fun Glamour Farms Fashions.
Do you follow me on Facebook and Instagram? 
I'd be honored if you would.
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Burning Questions I Asked and You Answered

Girls, I asked the questions and you chimed in! 
I thought I'd put this post together with the answers because remember...
these are important, burning questions for which we all hope to find the answers. 

The answers:

Lip balms especially Burt's Bees
Mary Kay Raisinberry
Mac lipsticks
Revlon Super Lustrous
Bare Minerals
L'oreal Color Riche

 Sun porches
Large front porches
White kitchen
White picket fence with lots of plants and flowers
A Big Chill 6 burner range
Vanity area in the bathroom for applying fabulous lipstick

Big Star
Nine West
whatever fits...
just goes to show you there's no right answer :)

Cut out the carbs.
Limit carbs and dairy.
Balance out consumption from day to day
Cut out white foods and sugar
Cut out allergens
Weight Watchers
Drink  apple cider vinegar and water
Move your body!

Thank you for answering and participating in this fun discussion. I may do this again if I have more burning questions. :)

Thoughts of Home on Thursday #37

Welcome to Thoughts of Home on Thursday!
 Let's begin today with a special invitation just for you.

Burning Questions

Hi y'all.  
Today I want to take this opportunity to ask you some burning life questions. 
Please answer me in the comments because these are very important 
things I need to know. OK?
Pictures are unrelated (found at but we need something pretty.

I love the kind of day when these are important issues. 
Hope you are having that kind of day too and I hope you'll leave your answers. :)

Thoughts of Home on Thursday #36

Welcome back to Thoughts Of Home On Thursday where we share the best of DIY, recipes,
gardening, decorating and inspiration on the web.
We are four Texas gals that are so happy you are here today!

We are~

Laura from White Spray Paint
Stacey from Poofing The Pillows
Laura from Decor To Adore
Jemma from At Home With Jemma

The Perfect Sweater Styled 2 Ways

Hi girls. I'm back today with a couple of  Glamour Farms items that I just love! 
Today I'm showing you the Grace Sweater in Magenta.  
This is a very soft,  slightly oversized sweater with a v-neck.   You know those days when you just want to wear a sweatshirt?  This is the perfect thing to grab instead! 
It's that comfortable but looks put together. I love it with a scarf or a necklace.
vneck sweater, Glamour Farms, soft sweater, tunic sweater, fashion over 40, fashion over 50

Mary's Butterflies/Monarch Migration

My friend Mary called today and said I had to run over to see the Monarchs. She said bring your camera!  Mary leads the butterfly group here in our town that I've shared with you before. Mary has dedicated her entire backyard to butterfly plants and habitat that provide just what these special creatures need.

Imagine my delight when I got there and realized the butterflies were migrating with a stop right here in her yard! There were possibly a hundred butterflies right there with us.

Mary's feels that God called her to do something to help these creatures. 
Monarchs and other butterflies are losing their migration stopping places where they used to find lots of milkweed and other host plants. Development and use of herbicides is causing their food sources to disappear. 

If you've ever wondered what you could do to help the world...
plant things that pollinators love and invite them into your yard by 
refusing to use herbicides and pesticides.

This Monarch Migration was truly a miracle to behold.

I'm so glad Mary called today. :)

First Friday Home Tour #9 Featuring Country Cottage Living

Welcome to this month's First Friday Home Tour.

Today we are visiting Camellia Cottage which is the home of 
Melanie who blogs at Cottage Living Living.  I first discovered Melanie a year or two ago and was immediately in love with her site because she's a fabulous photographer. She has the uncanny ability to capture mood and feelings in her photos. Take a look and I know you'll agree...I'll let Melanie do the talking.

Thoughts of Home #35

Hello October and Hello Sweet Readers.
Welcome to Thoughts of Home #35.
Our host this week is Stacey from Poofing the Pillows. 
She's been Adding Subtle Fall Touches lately while trying to sell her house.

Adding Subtle Fall Touches

Welcome Y'all to my part in the
Fall in Love with Texas Blog Hop organized by Katie at Let's Add Sprinkles.

Our house is for sale right now so I can't exactly pull out all the stops with orange pumpkins and leaves.  I was told we can't confuse the buyers with our decor so I'm keeping it simple this year as we decorate for the Autumn season.

This mercury glass pumpkin adds a little glisten to this nook of the stairs.

Deeper colored pillows came out of the closets to replace the robin's egg blue

These are now officially oldies but goodies.
I'm always asked so I'll tell you that our drapes and pillows were made by 

The counters and surfaces have to be spotlessly clean but we do 
have a dish or two or candy corn and some cute cup towels.

And on the kitchen table we have a plate that comes out every year at this time with some carnations that have been hanging on for weeks. I think those flowers are a little like the warm weather here...they just won't give up!

You know outside is my favorite place to be so come back in a few days to see the presto chango I did on the porches.

Be sure and go visit the Tuesday girls.

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