It's been a little quiet here this week and for great reasons. 

We are getting our ducks in a row...packing...mani/pedi and all that good stuff because tomorrow we 
are leaving on a cruise!

Be back in a few days.
Just in time to participate in a Fall Blog Hop along with several other
wonderful bloggers.

lantern, cotton

Burglars beware!

guard dog, leopard chair

We have sons with big muscles who will be staying home.

All of our neighbors are NRA members and we have a really loud alarm system.
I hope y'all have a wonderful week.
See ya' in October. :)

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Fall Reading List

Imagine this with me if you will...

A nice cool day. 
A soft spot on the patio with the sun shining through golden trees.
Hot chocolate or a Diet Coke.
And a little extra time to enjoy.

Do my days look like this?

Heck no but a girl can dream and look forward to those wonderful fall days!! 

I really enjoyed having a Summer Reading List so I've created a new list for fall.


Pure fun....that's what on this list and I can't wait to dig in!
What's on your fall reading list?

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DIY Takes Time

Stepping out of my comfort zone on this Friday to show
y'all what's been going on behind the scenes here at our house.

I decided to refinish the front door myself because the estimate 
from the professional was $300.

How hard could it be?

restaining front door

Well it's really not hard but it's more steps and more time consuming than 
I ever would have imagined.

I have moaned to myself...
Yes, you have to sand again. No, you can't skip that step.
But I hate the sanding messes up my nails.

restaining front door

I have persevered through the steps and today is the day
we will get to rehang the door.

We've been air conditioning our neighborhood since last Saturday.

DIY for us takes time, patience, research, and a direct phone line to
my dad. There's so much satisfaction though. 

It also takes the willingness to accept something slightly less than perfection.
In this house we have planked walls, changed light fixtures, painted a room, refinished the door,
and done lots of gardening in 3 years.

Projects like these make a new house feel like your own place.
Don't you think?

We have been keeping the burglars out with plywood, a dog gate, and layers of plants.
Our HOA will probably send us a letter fussing about the condition of our porch. 

You wouldn't mind if you were my next door neighbor...would you?

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Transitional Fall Mantel

This was the day!
The day that waking up to coolness and stars in the sky at 6:30 made me realize Fall is coming.

The day that Michael Buble' and a cup of coffee make for a  little slice of heaven.

fall mantel, plates on the mantel, art on the mantel

The day that I can really tell the sun is moving in the sky and the shadows are changing.

And on this day, the pumpkin spice candle is burning and I'm rearranging with
a few old  favorites on the mantel.

On this day that is a little bit summer and a little bit fall, 
we are making our first pot of chili. 

How about you?

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Peach Pie and Sweet Friends

I have the best friends in life. A few years ago I introduced you to my friend Carolyn. She's the kind of person who lights up the room with her sweetness. I'm not just being sappy about that either. She glows with inner beauty and outer beauty. She's the one you share groceries, and dishes, and kid stories with.

Carolyn and I had a pact that if one of us died, we would run in and clean the other's house before company arrived. Well, she moved and I moved but I still love her. Last week I got to see her for a short moment and even though it was for a funeral, it was so good to see her.

She shared this Deluxe Peach Pie recipe with me years ago and today I'm sharing with you.

Carolyn's Deluxe Peach Pie

Fill an unbaked pie shell with large can of well drained peaches.
Blend together and pour on top of peaches:
1/2 cup butter
3/4 cup sugar
3 tablespoons flour
1 egg

Bake at 375 for 30 minutes with foil.
Remove foil and bake 20 minutes longer until golden.

So simple and so wonderful! Today I'm using fresh peaches in my pie.

I hope you'll try it.

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If It's OK, I'll Take My Time

Friends this is really a pep talk for myself but maybe you need it too...

Today the panic hit me as it does just about every year.
You see, I've seen so many beautiful blog homes all decorated for Fall this week.
I said I would keep up this year...promised myself, in fact.

But here's the truth....
it's still Summer here in Dallas.

The air conditioner can still barely rest.
The bees and butterflies are busy on the flowers.
And my puppy dog is madly chasing toads.

I was almost envious of those of you who are pulling out the blankets and
drinking pumpkin spice coffee. I know it's cooler where you are.

But if it's OK with you, I'm going to have another Diet Coke
and enjoy these last beautiful days of summer.

The pumpkins just have to wait a little bit.
And when the first day of Fall hits I'm with you ...
even if  it's still 99 degrees and I'm faking it. :)

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It's Hard to Look Cute When You're Sweating - A Fall Fashion Post

Every now and then I get the urge for a little girl talk and today is one of those days. 
See if you can stick with me here and offer your thoughts. ;)

You see, I love being a girl. Always have.
I love girly things.

I wasn't raised to be overly foofooey but make-up, a curling iron, and hairspray 
are important parts of each day.
I don't skip those things unless there's a fever involved.
Do you?

(All tops in collage are from Loft. My favorite shopping spot.)

It's so hard to look cute when you're sweating though.
Whether it's from a hot day in Texas when it's supposed to be Fall or a poorly timed hotflash, 
it's just really a challenge!

Nothing stops me from trying and right now I'm dreaming of cute fall fashions.
Are you?

High fashion revolves around jeans in my world and I'm so glad.
Add a cute top and the appropriate shoes and you're good to go!

Are you a jeans girl too?

Are you sweating too?
No don't answer that. :)

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We Lost a Blogging Friend

 Her husband shared that she passed away on Sunday after a long battle with ovarian cancer.

I never got to meet her in person but we shared many messages back and forth as I know some of you did. She will surely be missed. ♥

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September Flower Bed Chores

Welcome September!

I spent this morning working hard out in the front flower bed.
Six Drift rose bushes were removed because they weren't passing the pretty test.
They were gorgeous back in the spring but that window of time was short and the rest of the year they are always yellow and lose their leaves.

My motto for the flower beds is be pretty or leave.
I'd rather have a little blank space than an ugly bush.
A new layer of Texas hardwood mulch was spread.
Oh and the last of the zinnias are gone. Boo.

It's a long time until we can put out fall to winter plants but for now things are looking good.

Do you take pictures of your flower beds as the seasons proceed?
It helps me remember what worked and what didn't.
Next year we will plant more lantana.
This is Texas after all and we have to work with our climate. :)

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