There Are Days

Hi girls! 
 I was thinking...there are days that just don't go the way you think they will. 
We've had so many of those lately.

You know, the days when you have a long list and a plan but things 
haywire for one reason or another.

It could make you crazy but what's the point in that?
Stop and appreciate the little things.
Make a new plan. :)

That's my frame of mind today.
What's yours?

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Visit a New Blogger's Beautiful Home

Good Afternoon Friends!

Today I'm so excited to introduce you to a new blogger/Instagram friend.
I found Wendy's Instagram feed a few weeks ago and was instantly smitten.
It will only take a second for you to see why.

Wendy's home is beautiful yet family and pet friendly.

She splashes around color with ease and her accessories span decades of time.
I could sit and look at these all day long.

Wendy just started her blog Life On the Shady Grove last week. 
In talking back and forth with her she shared, 

"my desire is to encourage and help women to be ok with themselves, exactly how 
God made them and to help them make their house a home they love." 

The About Me page on her blog is one of the best I've ever read.
Y'all know that I think of my blog as girlfriend space and Wendy seems like she
could come right in, have a Diet Coke, and be a girlfriend for years to come.
Let me just say that anyone with those red drapes can be my friend.

There are so many pictures I'd love to share with you from her blog but don't want to steal her show.
Please go over and welcome Wendy to the blogging world.

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At the Dallas Arboretum

Today at the Dallas Arboretum we stopped to smell the roses.

Soaked up the colors.

Looked at distances.

Found more and more reasons to love Texas.

And said, "Cheese". 


Hope you had a wonderful day too.

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A Sing in the Car Kind of Day

Yesterday I went out to run errands. 
My to-do list was long and did not include anything exciting like pillows or bedding. 
However, our master bedroom has stumped me ever since we bought the gorgeous linen shams at Laurie Anna's a few months ago and that was nagging at me.

So I turned in to Stein Mart to see what they might have.
I walked back to the bedding section and immediately spotted this set.
I might have swooned when the gray and robin's egg blue combo popped out.
The flowers on the accent pillow are stunning!

I ran to my car with the new set before the guilty feelings could settle in.
Turned on my car radio and sang out loud,
"I write the songs that make the whole world sing. I write the songs of love and special things."
Me and Barry Manilow singing loud and proud in the car driving home with new bedding.

It was glorious y'all!

Do you need a little Barry Manilow in your day?

Have a great day!

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I Didn't Mean to Disappear

Hi y'all!!  Happy Spring to You.

I know I'm so late saying that but I have a good excuse.
Life...that's my excuse.

Back on March 22nd my husband and I spent the day out on "the land".
It was a perfectly beautiful day for just walking, talking, and taking pictures.

I hope you don't mind that I'm sharing a bunch here.
These are unedited and I'm just happy with the way they captured the day. 

We saw lots and lots of deer tracks but this raccoon track stole the show for me. :)

We made the trip on this particular day to see if the dogwoods and redbuds were blooming. 
We weren't disappointed. 

Nature is just amazing. 
Don't you think?

Do you like to trek around outside?
You know I love gardening but will confess that I don't spend enough time out here with him.

Thank you to those of you who sent messages checking on me. 
You remind me that this blog isn't just a website but is part of a community.

Lots to share in the upcoming weeks and I'm so inspired by all that you all are up to!

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