Are You a Creature of Habit?

 Some time back I proclaimed on this blog that I would try to be more creative.
Did that happen?

Mmmm, maybe not.
We did change the color scheme in our master bedroom and that was epic for us!

Yesterday on our snowy day I cleaned the kitchen and tried to change the counters.
I added a plate.
A really pretty and colorful plate.

I really like the plate.
My son noticed it immediately and complimented it.
The colors are pretty next to the Janet Hill print.

Will the plate stay there?
Nope. Bye bye plate.
Well, it can stay until my coffee is finished when I clean the counters again.

I need space to cook.
Acres of it would be nice but this little stretch next to the stove works well.

Some things just need to stay the same.
Are you a creature of habit too?

I did change up the cup towels.
There....creativity in the kitchen.
I'm good. :)

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.
We are off on a little trip to New Orleans.

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It's a Pretty Big Deal!

When my kids were little in Oklahoma we loved snow days so much! 
We'd make snowmen and sled down the hills in our neighborhood.

We'd laugh at cars that were trying to go up the street in front of our house...
they never made it and we collected cars at the end of our street for a few days.

We'd put clothes on and take them off all day long with 
lots of hot chocolate in between.

The best part was no school, of course.

Then the day came that they didn't want to play out there much any more.
They preferred to sneak off in their cars and do doughnuts in a parking lot. :)
Yeah, Spencer just told me that the other day.

 I still love a good snow day.
It's a little more rare here in the Dallas area and everyone gets so excited.
The eggs and milk are gone from the grocery store.
Everything is closed. 

Belle isn't too sure about it but she knows there could be a bone out there somewhere.
I'll be enjoying the snow glow from inside the house today.
Might even work on adding a little Spring to a shelf or counter top.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

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