A Blogging Friend Shares Her Christmas Home

She's a friend to so many bloggers and she's sharing her Christmas home with us at Poofing the Pillows
Hi girls! 

I think you all would agree with me that the very best part of blogging 
is making a connection with others who love home.

Many of us have a blogging friend who is faithful with comments and sweetness.

I'm talking about Jaybird!

I bet she has left you a kind word from time to time. Right? 
Well, I was telling her that she should have her own blog but she's a working girl
and doesn't plan to do that any time soon.
She was kind to share pictures of her home all dressed for Christmas.
Just look at the pretty toile curtains and chain cover.
Her love of red shows....she's part of the red loving club. :)

Love her collection of angels.
I wonder if there's a special story behind this collection. 
The way she has displayed them is perfect.
Christmas Angel Collection are part of Christmas Home Tour
This sitting area looks so cozy to me.
I love those cafe curtains and would love to do that myself.
Is that a matelasse table cover? Love it!
That rocking chair is a pretty perfect spot for the kitty.
The material on her pillows and that chair pad is so french country. 
I love how she has mixed all the beautiful fabrics

You can tell she loves her home. ♥

This spot of Christmas is so pretty.
I spy a cowboy hat over there.
She's a Texan. :)

Beautiful stockings!

Jaybird, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home and your 
kind comments throughout the year.
You make blogging fun!

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Christmas in the Bedrooms

The best thing about hosting a party at your house is that you get things done! 
When I had the party last week, I knew a few touches all around the house were in order. 
Here are a few bedroom pictures. I did just a little in each room.

In the master we added one new pillow to the bed.
Simple and sweet.

Do you remember our girly guest bedroom upstairs?

Here's what I did in there. 
It's my door from last week!!
This old door came from my dad's 104 year old house.
I love it. ♥
It had the original stain on it but I painted it with chalk paint.

And some little Christmas houses are on the dresser in this room too. 

Moving into Spencer's room that is newly redecorated....

I hung this print by Janet Hill Studio on the wall.

You can see that a bathroom connects these two spaces.

This print used to hang year round but some people in my house
think that because it's a deer it's for Christmas. :)

That's it for now.
I'm not finished shopping.

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A Little Christmas Party

I had a little party here last night with 45 of my closest neighborhood friends.
You know I play in a neighborhood Bunko group...
Well, I decided to make this one an open invitation "No Bunko" party and people
came out of the wood work.

I was reminded of so many things about hospitality.
You definitely don't need to make your house perfect (I worked for 3 days getting ready)
 because when there's a crowd it doesn't matter. 
At this party, everybody brought a drink, dessert, or snack to share.
I made things too but this really took the pressure off. 
Something entertaining to do breaks the ice so we had a "Dirty Santa Scarf Exchange".
Everybody brought a scarf under $10 and there was a lot of stealing going on for the super cute ones.

The biggest reminder of all was that people just want to be together and have friends.
In our neighborhood we are all pretty new. This was a great way to get to know each other.
We learned who might steal your scarf, who really loves wine, and more. :)

A Christmas party with 45 of my closest blogging friends. Easy and fun decorating.

Would I do it again?
You betcha!
Grab your cute paper plates and invite some friends over. 

Merry Christmas, y'all!

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Our Simple Christmas Mantel

 Happy Wednesday Girls!

Christmas music is playing here.
 The overeating has begun and Black Friday purchases are arriving on my front step.

We are happy at home working away like little elves.
(Stick with me because I have a secret to share)

Now let me show you the mantel I've been working on.
We are still loving the planking above the mantel. 
The white wood brightens the room and adds
a little interest.

Remember me telling you that my husband thought my fall mantel looked like
Christmas? I just decided to go with that and tweak it a little.

The hymnal paper was replaced with pretty scrapbook paper.
The wreath got a pretty puffy new red bow.

 A couple of new candles and some red berries were added.
The mercury glass on the far right is new. 
Found that on a fun day out with a friend.

I usually use lots of garland and lights but this simple look is making
us happy right now.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

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