Good Morning!!

Coffee and sunshine are best friends.
Don't you agree?

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Our Fall Entry Table


The other day I was visiting Melissa at 320 Sycamore and she mentioned that her
would start soon.

 I knew our entry needed a little fall pizzazz and 
wonderful seasonal printables are so easy to find on Pinterest.

This sweet printable was generously made available by 
I've seen it pinned a lot but I think
that's the original source.

We don't have a color printer so I uploaded the file to Walgreens.
 In about 30 minutes for around $8.00 for an 11x14, I had new artwork.

Don't you love little projects that come together really quickly?

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Good Morning Shadows

Just playing with my camera today while the sun shines in so pretty.

Taking off for a few days to watch Texas A&M beat Alabama.  :)

Quick - tell me where we have to go in Birmingham or Tuscaloosa.
Inquiring minds want to know!

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Fall Front Porch Part 2

A couple of weeks back I shared my fall front porch with you
 in spite of the fact that it was 90+  degrees. My plan was to make the porch a little
more fallish when the temperatures cooled some.

We've had a little reprieve from the temps now and by a wonderful twist of fate, 
I was gifted with some cotton....the real stuff right out of the field!


Well, I had to incorporate the cotton somehow!
I poked some pieces of it in my wreath.
I've had this wreath 10 years probably and every year I poke something new
in or take something away.
It kind of looks like a bird has been nesting here but it's just me. :)

fall wreath, cotton wreath, burlap

Added in a cotton branch next to my mums and asparagus fern.

asparagus fern, lantern, cotton

Cyclamen and cabbages are sharing this pot with potato vine and asparagus fern now.

Fall planters, cyclamen

Fall planters, mums, asparagus fern

Of course no fall porch is complete without pumpkins.
I Love Pumpkins!!


The porch is finished for now and it actually feels like fall here in North Texas.

fall planters, pumpkins, cotton, lanterns, fall wreath

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Feeling Like Fall Here

Good Morning Girls!

It's been super busy here in the last week with work, a wedding,
 a car wreck, and all the normal things of life.
No worries, nobody is hurt.

It's finally cooling off here in the night and when we wake up in the mornings it's in the 50s.
Woo hoo!!
I love the change of seasons.

In the niche in our kitchen we've had a stash of apples that have been there awhile.
They sure can last...awhile.
That's my way of telling you they might have been there a month or more.
Today I decided to make an apple cake and found the perfect recipe on the Food Network.
Isn't it pretty?
That's a buttermilk glaze on the top. :)
It's the perfect combination of butter, buttermilk, sugar, and baking soda.

Now since this picture was taken we have had cake and let me tell you it is to die for!!
We ate it warm and it's a little slice of Heaven - I promise!

With the change of seasons my zinnias are on their way out and I was worried about what would go in all my vases around the house. I ordered some dried hydrangeas from an Etsy shop and look what came! A box full of beautiful.

Now we have dried hydrangeas to enjoy for fall and beyond.
If the cat doesn't destroy them.
How are you doing? 
I'd love to know.

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I'm Still Thinking About Fashion

The other day I told you about the 
is having starting tonight at 12:01. 
I participated in this back in the spring and had so much fun! 
Doing it again for fall is a no brainer for me.

The Style Challenge info comes out tomorrow but all the ladies on the Facebook page
are already sharing inspiration and a little shopping info.
It's just fun to connect!

Here's what I've gotten so far in preparation for lookin' good this fall and winter.
Now mind you it's 80+ degrees here today but that's ok....cooler weather will come.

I ordered the three sweaters you see below from Loft when they were 50% off a few days
ago. By the way, never buy something at Loft unless it's on sale.

This blue striped sweater is super soft and fits cute. 
I'll wear it with leather skirts in my world.
In fact I'm a Jeans Every Day kind of girl.

Absolutely love the jewels on this sweater.
It's lightweight and pretty perfect for some of our cooler days.

This sweater is called Mixed Mosaic Woven Sweater.
For some reason I love the different patterns but we'll have to see about the
shape of it. When something resembles a maternity item, this 51 year old
doesn't keep it.

Do you love fall clothes too?

Come check out the Style Challenge  so we can talk about clothes
like old friends do. :)

Fall Style Challenge - Button Image

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