When Two Seasons Merge

I know it's fall now but nobody told my zinnias.

I'll just keep enjoying them as long as possible. 

Working on a little fallishness in my house.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

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Let's Talk About Fall Fashion

Fall Style Challenge - Full Size Square

Hi girls!

Remember last spring when I mentioned 
Alison's Style Me Pretty Challenge?

I loved participating with this group of ladies who want to look nice but who live normal
lives with normal budgets.
My cousin, another friend, and I all participated in the challenge and loved it!

Alison is having a Fall Challenge and I'm hoping you'll do it with me.

What's it all about? 

When you join the group, Alison will send you a list of suggested clothing items to wear.
These clothes are geared toward daily casual living with lots of options.
She's very careful to select affordable real world clothes.

Don't worry about your size or your age.
It works...I promise. :)

You'll gather up the clothes that you have plus anything that you want to add to your wardrobe.
Then on October 12th you'll begin receiving daily outfits suggestions using
the clothes from the list.

The best part is the private Facebook group that is created for those who participate.
Ladies share the bargains they've found and the many different ways 
they put together their clothes.

This was a completely positive experience before and I know it will be again.
It's like a group of friends just visiting and talking about clothes.

Click on her graphic above and you can go read all about it.
Let me know if you sign up. :)
We can talk on the private Facebook page when the time comes.

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Spencer's Bedroom Reveal

He's our #1 son and when he comes to visit we want him to be comfortable.
Before this room was dark and the bedding had flowers. 
He didn't like either of those things.

So we planked the wall above the bed and painted it Snowbound by Sherwin Williams.
This brought so much more light to the room.
I found the perfect artwork for above the bed which should be here in about 3 weeks.

Love this navy and white bedding!
I found this in one quick stop at Kohl's.
No driving all over town - I like that.
Of course, there has to be a nightstand and a lamp beside the bed for the reading he likes to do.
And on the other side of the room, a chest of drawers
and shelves filled with things we love to see. :)
I'd like to find a bench for the end of the bed and a nice big mirror for
one of the walls you can't see.

Feels great to have this job done.:)

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Fall on the Porch


This week we are rolling into Autumn.
Does it feel like it where you are?

On Saturday when I was working on my porch it was 94 degrees.

It's Hot Y'all!!

I'm pretending that it's cool outside and snuggling under a blanket while I write this.
Let me just say Thank Goodness for air conditioning.
The mums are just about to pop open with hundreds of burgundy blooms.

The pumpkin.
One pumpkin because it's 94 degrees.
This pumpkin is in danger of becoming pie...on the concrete.

I'll definitely get more when it actually cools off here.

I did look around and find signs of fall.
A few leaves changing colors.
Autumn Joy Sedum in full glory.
Grasses topped out with seed pods.
And of course, there's college football. :)
Does it feel like Fall at your house or are you kind of pretending like me?

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A Bedroom Project Sneak Peek

Hi there!

We've tried our hand at planking a wall.
The short and sweet of it is that this is not for perfectionists!

Everything did not go as we planned but we love it.

And when we make the bed and add in the pretty things it will all be fine.

I'll be back in a day or two to share more on this.
Let me just say that we laughed our way through it....and that's important!!

Have you done this project?
I'd love to know if your project went without a hitch?

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Bookshelf Confessional


The shelves in our family room have been exactly the same almost 2 years.

There I said it.

So these past few days I've been tweaking.

Covering books with scrapbook paper and adding fun little embellishments.

Brought out an old tray in deeper colors than we've had lately.
Then added a basket behind it for texture.

Found these pretty leaf prints from the last house that were hiding in the closet.

We have so many irons in the fire right now that my husband said,

"Could you try to finish at least one project soon?"

How about you...many projects lately?

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Who Said These Wise Words?

I just love this quote that floats around.

Do you know who said this?

I've not been able to find an original source but 
I bet most moms have said some version of this. 

Playing in PicMonkey to see if I can make my own print. :)
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A Successful Summer of Gardening

While some of you girls are bringing out pumpkins and fall wreaths,
summer continues to march on here in Texas.

The days are getting shorter and the mornings are cooler.
Fall is coming!
No Pumpkin Lattes for me yet though.

Usually by this point in the summer our plants are pooped out but this year they continue to thrive.
I'm hesitant to see the green go away as the seasons change.

If you've been around here much you know that we moved two years ago and planted the beds 
last year. We've been pretty successful figuring out what works with very little that hasn't.

If you've been here longer than two years, you know that we had a big pond in our last 
backyard. I'm working diligently to convince my husband that we need a new small pond. 

Maybe next summer...

See that tall grass behind our fence?
That's the green belt that runs behind our house.
It is mown (is that really a word?)  as needed 
and obviously somebody in charge needs to know
that it needs it. The critters do love it!

These are Cora Vincas and I'm so grateful to the person who developed them.
In our hot climate Vincas often die a slow withering death.
These are troopers!

It's been such a beautiful summer.
Have you had great luck with your plants?
Now tell me what was your favorite this year. Maybe we need to plant it too. :)

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Beautiful September Morning

I hope you have a wonderful day today. :)

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