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Hi Girls and Happy Monday!

 I was recently invited by Lisa at Texas Decor to participate in the 
Blog Tour that's going around.  I couldn't say no to such a sweet blogger. :)
Lisa is a fellow Texan not too far down the road from me.
That makes us immediate friends in my book.

We all blog for different reasons and with different goals in mind. 
With this post I'm supposed to answer a few questions...

What am I working on?

We moved to this house two years ago. It is quite different from our previous house that we lived in for many years. I would say that I'm working on feeling at home in this place.  So I've been asked lately if we feel all cozy and at home here...I would say yes and no. But mostly yes. :) I've tried to inject our style into a house that probably really isn't our style. Does that make sense?

Right now I'm working through the slowest door painting process on earth. I'm not your furniture painting friend in blog land...just saying. I kind of hate it. Anyway, the door came from my dad's 104 year old house that he is currently moving out of.
The door is kind of a reminder of the house of my dreams.
It will go in our girly guest room upstairs.

How does my work differ from others?

Oh gosh, it probably doesn't. The only difference you'll find with me is that I am still in love with color during a time when so many people are loving lots of white. I love the white too but can't live without color. It makes my husband and me happy!

Why do I create what I do?

In our house I create for my family and for a sense of home.
My goal is to make a happy, pretty home that we enjoy living in. 

In my garden, I create because I can't live without it! I love to dig, plant, and watch things grow.
This love was passed to me by my parents.

My blogging goal is simply to connect with others who love the same things.
It's a great feeling to "meet" others with whom you share common interests.

How does my writing/creating process work?

In decorating, I'm very visual. I'm inspired by magazines, blogs, and Pinterest. It's fun to look at photos of homes I love and see the commonalities. They are usually repeated somewhere in our house and for years at a time. When I love something in decor - I love it! I don't change things
all the time. (though it would make for a lot more blogging material if I did)

My blog process is pretty spur of the moment. Periodically I brainstorm ideas for blog posts and keep a running list but more often than not something pops up in my mind and I go with it.

I'd like to pass the torch of for this process to:

BJ at Sweet Nothings.
BJ's blog was the very first one I ever stumbled across and I will
forever be her fan. Go visit her and be prepared to see some beautiful
decorating and amazing food. You'll also be inspired by her kindness
and love of family.

Carol at Carol's Heirloom Collection
Carol and I have actually met in person. :)
She blogs about home, her grandkids, and lots of other
things near and dear to my heart. Oh and she loves her
Oklahoma State University!

Leslie Ann at Fairhope Supply
Leslie Ann lives in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama.
She shares life on the Gulf Coast mixed with lots of southern tradition,
recipes, decorating, and fun in her town.
Each time I read her work, I want to pack my bags and head for Alabama!

Have a great day y'all!

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A Few of My Favorite Plants

I know I keep taking pictures of plants.   Isn't that eccentric?
It's just that so far this year it isn't too terribly hot and 
we are actually getting a tiny little bit of rain
which we desperately need.

Things are looking really pretty here for now.
I wanted to share three of my favorite plants.

David Fanick Phlox
Known to work well in Texas because it likes the heat and dryness.
Stands up straight, has beautiful blooms, and the bees love it.
So far it's gorgeous. ;)

Texas native. Stands tall, covered in blue blooms, loves the heat.
I pulled a handful of this out of the ground and plopped it in another place.
It's growing there now. I love it and the bees do too. :)

Kimberly Queen Fern
Heard about it, read about it, love it!
Stands up taller than Boston fern and doesn't shed very much.
Doesn't mind drying out every few days either.
Works for me!

What are some of your favorites?

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A Sunflower Wreath for the Porch

We've been welcoming summer here at our house with lots of watermelon and cantaloupe.
Have you?

The front door needs to say welcome too so today I made a new wreath.

sunflower wreath, summer wreath

I love the ribbon and the sunflowers. :)

Sunflowers are happy welcoming flowers.
They just kind of smile and say come on in!

Happy Summer Day!

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Getting Older but Still Learning

This week I'll turn 51. 
That's a little hard to comprehend but then again 
my boys are 24 and 22 and we've been married
26 years.

So my goal at 51?
I want to be more creative.

Nothing too dramatic mind you....
I'm going to really learn to use the camera that my husband gave me for last year's birthday.
Today I played with the aperture.
Tomorrow I'll have to watch the videos and read all the information again.
But hey, it's a learning curve.:)

There are amazing creative role models in blogland.

And so many more! So many more.

I find myself thinking, "I wish I could do that."
This year I'm going to work on that.

Creativity - that's my goal at 51.
And more Zumba. :)

Want to join me?

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Summer Lovin' #1

Happy First Day of Summer Friends!

There are so many great things to love about summer.
I thought this year I would take the time to post about some of the things we love
and I bet you do too.

Today we made a trip to the nearby peach orchard.
Yes, I did leave my camera at home because I can't remember anything for more than 20 seconds.

For those of you in the Dallas area, we went to Ham's Orchards in Terrell, TX.
What a beautiful place!
We spoke for quite awhile with the owner and he was so nice. 

We bought lots of extra ripe peaches for homemade ice cream. :)
My husband never misses the chance to get out his trusty Rival freezer.
In a few days we are planning to have our neighbors over for a bowl or two.

While we were there we shared a peach fried pie. 
Mercy! It was delicious!

What are you lovin' this first day of summer 2014?

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On the Front Porch

The little changes that nobody else will realize sometimes make the biggest difference.
Today we changed the lanterns by our porch and garage.
I don't have a before picture but let's just say that the ones the builder put there might have cost $4.00.

We found these big beauties at Lowes.
I love the metal and the seeded glass.

These are making me smile.
You know what else makes me smile?
The teamwork that my husband and I used to get them up. :)

Next on my list is a new wreath for the front door.
I've already found the prettiest sunflowers.

Have you made changes like this?
Maybe I need to make them too. :)

Thanks for visiting me today. 

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June Morning, You Are So Beautiful

Good Morning!
Happy Tuesday! Hope you have a wonderful day today. :)

Tweak It Tuesday at Cozy Little House

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Today I Bonded With Spiders in the Dining Room

Today I've been cleaning.
Have you ever noticed that my posts frequently start that way?
There's a reason for that. I clean a lot.

Anyway, I actually got down on the floor to sew weights (that I've had for a year) 
on the curtains and realized
that there was more than one of us present in the dining room.

There were spiders in the corners.
I don't hate spiders.
But they don't need to live in my dining room.

So with the help of my handy dandy Dyson,
there was a spider extraction.

Sorry, mom and dad.

Now I'm happy. :)
How are you today?

By the way, I love to listen to Crossroads Radio while I'm cleaning. 
Check it out for some good tunes. :)

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The Space Above the Kitchen Cabinets

Yesterday my husband and I were making our second trip to HomeGoods looking for items for my Revamp the Space Above the Kitchen Cabinets 
project I've been working on. 
 My husband follows me faithfully and agrees with most of my finds because he's sweet like that.

Decorating Above the Kitchen Cabinets

The second or third time we circled the store, I overheard a conversation between two girlfriends. They were looking at a unique piece of furniture and one of the girls 
was telling the other that she was going to use it for her TV. 

Decorating Above the Kitchen Cabinets

Her friend said something like, 
"Mmmm girl, I can totally see it." 
It just reminded me how much I enjoy my girlfriends. 
A girlfriend can see something when you are trying to explain it. Right? 
 Or she will tell you when you are totally going the wrong direction. 
A girlfriend would tell me if I was completely off my rocker trying to add in this
robin's egg blue with my reds.

Decorating Above the Kitchen Cabinets
(Don't worry girls, you can't see the books from the floor. 
I might have been standing on something tall.)

 My husband - he doesn't always see what I'm trying to do when it comes to decorating. 
 But he is always supportive and complimentary. 
 He always moves the ladder around willingly and tells me not to stand on the counters and bar stools. 
 I do it anyway, of course. 

Decorating Above the Kitchen Cabinets

 Some days are for shopping with your husband. 
 Some days are for shopping with girlfriends.

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Peace Rose on Fresh Cut Friday

This morning I took a walk around the flower beds. 
My Peace rose just couldn't be any prettier this year.

The flowers start out a pale yellow and change to pink.

Each stage is so beautiful.

The bush is blooming prolifically right now so I don't feel too guilty
about cutting the blooms and bringing them in.

Isn't a flower always prettier in a blue Ball jar?
What's your plan this Friday?

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Parents on the Move

Oh my goodness y'all!

This is one crazy period of time for us right now. My mom sold her house near San Antonio and she is moving to my little town. She has chosen a neat apartment complex for people 55+. It's beautiful and has fun activities every day.  She'll only be a couple of miles from us. :)

Then Thursday night, my dad sold his 104 year old house that I told y'all about recently.
He has already bought a smaller house in his little town  and has to move out by the end of June. 
So....lots of box building, lots of packing, lots of unpacking...

I may not be here much in June but I hope to post some because 
there are a few projects going on in our house too. 
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