Hardly Working

You know that old question, "Are you working hard or hardly working?"

To me, working outside is hardly working.
I love it. 
Love the the plants, the smells, the birds, the heat.

My neighbors paid someone to put flowers in their flower bed a couple of weeks ago.
I tried to convince them that I'd help them and we could do it in no time at all.
They don't like that kind of work so there was no convincing them.

We built this bed a year ago.
It's coming along nicely but continues to change.
Just a couple of weeks ago we took out the last of the hollies that the builder had
put in. We just didn't love them and they were taking up valuable space.
We needed the space for prettier plants like this lantana.
There are 5 of them in the bed and they get  H U G E!

See that row of lantana in the picture below? They are above the label.
Last year they got so big that they overtook the roses that were planted behind them.
So this year we moved the roses to another spot.

Now come on lantanas - do your job!
They will fill in that whole empty space and give so much bang for your buck. :)

I know that some people would rather eat a bug than work in the flower bed.
But don't you think we should all have something that feels like "hardly working"? photo signature_zps30d572ae.png

Jeanne's Cottage Tour

Today I want to welcome y'all to 
Jeanne's Scottie Cottage

I don't know Jeanne personally.
I found her through her postings on Pinterest and immediately began
watching for anything new from her.

She and her husband have lived in this home for 30 years.
They share their cottage with two Scotties.
Aren't they cute?
You know a woman who loves cottages and dogs has to be a friend.

Just look at all the beautiful cottage displays!
Jeanne knows how to incorporate so many different colors and
patterns to make it all homey and wonderful.

Her two sons, like mine, are grown.
Do you think she always decorated with this style?
Maybe she just made the guys live through it. :)

I. Love. These. Walls!

Toile, checks, florals, ruffles, wicker...all the perfect cottage components.

I think her home needs to be in a cottage magazine.
What do you think?

She said she gets her ideas from magazines, blogs, Pinterest and an occasional trip to Canton.
She's a girl after my heart. ♥

Jeanne is one gifted gardener too.
Just look at these ferns and flowers.

Jeanne, thank you for allowing me to share your home today.
I think you will find many of us who would love for you to blog.

You can follow Jeanne's Pinterest postings by clicking here.

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Happy Monday!

What a beautiful morning!

I walked today in our pretty park downtown.
This park reminds me of the Texas of my childhood.

No speeding cars or big buildings.

Just me and the mockingbirds and bunnies. 

Loving the roses.

Oh and the honeysuckle that grows all along the creek beds!
Isn't that the best smell God ever created?

My Iphone pics can not possibly capture how pretty it was out there.
A soft breeze blowing and the perfect temperature for walking.

Have you been outside today?

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A New Blog Design

This morning Poofing the Pillows is making a debut with a new blog design.
I could not be more excited and thrilled with the design completed by 

I had the same look for a long time and really enjoyed it but one day I woke up and 
enough was enough!

Rebekah read my mind and my emails and created just what I'd hoped for.

Thank you so much Rebekah!

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My Favorite Days

I'm often reminded that I'm just not exotic person.
I'd rather be home than anywhere.
Today is such a beautiful day here in North Texas.
We've finally had some rain and every creature and plant is rejoicing!
The windows are open, the birds are singing, and even the nearby construction workers
are whooping it up! :)

A New Old Wicker Desk

Way back in December I found the wicker desk I've been searching long and hard for.
Guess how much it was....I found it on Craig's List.

$50.00 for the desk and a chair!!

The desk was nasty dirty with enough paint on it to make it stand up to fierce winds.
We waited for warmer days this spring and then sanded and gave a light coat of spray paint.
It's far from perfect but so cute!

This just gives a fun focal point to our bonus room upstairs.
Don't you love the picture stand?
I found that at Laurie Anna's Vintage Home last month.

I pulled out old pictures of my kids because as I've said before...
I can't stop looking at them.

Now to keep things real I had to include the picture below.
Sophie jumped up while I was taking pictures and proceeded to chomp down on the plant.
Sure hope it's not poisonous!

Love the ticking bag that my blogging friend Carol at Art and Sand made back in the fall. :)

Hope y'all are having a great day.
It's raining here.

Beautiful Combinations

Hi There!

Didn't mean to stay gone for a week. 
It's been super busy here.

I spent this morning working out in the yard and loving the progress of our plants.
One of my favorite things about gardening is combining different plants together.

Here are some of the combinations we have growing this year...

Remember when I showed you my garden cart a  few weeks ago? 
You can see it here when it was first planted.
The plants above are in that cart. :)
Yes, they are big and overflowing now.
The combination: geraniums, coleus, sweet potato vine, rabbits ear, and bacopa.

This trio of pots sits in a hot spot on the patio.
The combination: muhly grass, lantana, and asparagus fern.
Muhly grass is perennial here.
 I've never planted it in a pot before this year but I'm already convinced that it's a good idea.

The pot on the patio table is in full sun.
The combination: aloe vera, moss rose or portulaca, and purslane.
These little guys can all take the heat!

At our last house we mostly had shade and I miss the plants that I could grow there.
There isn't any shade here on this lot except for the parts that creep around the house.
We got brave last year and planted an oak leaf hydrangea on the side of the house and so far it's happy.
If you've never planted one of these you need to try it. 
They aren't nearly as picky as regular hydrangeas and they grow huge blooms all summer long.

That's all for me today.:)
What's growing at your house?

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Faded and Fresh on May 1st

I have some flowers to share with you on this beautiful spring day.

I wish you could smell this fading Peace rose.
She's mellowing but still just as fragrant as can be.
I think she's beautiful even now.

A freshly blooming Amaryllis.
The bulbs came from my husband's Granny.
It makes him happy to see them bloom in our yard.

I'm working on a painting project today.
With the attention span of a flea, it's a challenge!!

What are you up to today?