Thinking About Fashion Today at the End of a Very Eventful Week

How's that for a long title?

Here's the short quick 22 year old son who has complained about a pain in his side for 4 or 5 weeks had an appendectomy Tuesday night!
Not what was on the schedule this week, I'm telling ya.

It looks to me like an appendectomy is more painful than I would have ever expected. 
He's recovering and his dad and I are practicing nurses. :)

Now on to the fun stuff - there's nothing like a new season to make a girl want some new clothes!

Here are a few things that have caught my eye lately:

I buy one or two of these every year at Loft.
The fit is flattering.

And wouldn't the tshirt be cute with these white jeans?

Alison at Get Your Pretty On showed these sandals this morning.
Yes please. ;)

Put those pieces together with my trusty denim jacket
and this looks like one great spring outfit to me. 

Love this too...
The other day I spotted this little dress on the J C Penney website.
I can picture this with the leopard sandals.

What's catching your eye lately?

Spiffing Up the Laundry Room: Adding Shelves

Since I'm always green with jealousy over cute shelves that some of you girls have,
 I decided to add some in my laundry room.
These were added above the sink.

To be honest, I bought the wood and corbels last summer and just now finished this project. 
Because I'm all DIY like that. :)

I really love them!
This project cost less than $30 including paint.

The goodies on the shelves were popped up there in about 20 seconds and likely won't stay this way long.
Won't it be fun to change them out for the seasons like Andrea does?

I love the cute curly corbels.
So happy with this project. 

My Dad and His Old House Tour

There's a lot of life that goes on behind blogging.
 I think about that all the time.

I've talked about my Dad lots of times on this blog.
He is a master of restoring, painting, decorating ... and he does it all by himself.

My Dad is 75.
His house is 104 years old.
She's an American Foursquare in Lockhart, TX.
(I stole pictures from MLS
Here's the listing.)

When he first bought this house it was so ugly you can't even begin to imagine!

We were out walking one day and he said, "What do you think about that house?"

I told him it looked like a lot of work.
Then he told me he had already bought it. 
He had just finished a smaller house a few streets over.

I guess he was bored and needed a new project. :)

He has restored about 90% of the house and now she's really beautiful!

This old house has been part of local home tours twice.
The yard has been part of the local garden tours twice too.
Dad's a Texas Master Gardener.

The life part is that Dad has had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and went through chemo in 2013.

He's well!! He is cancer free.
This picture below was captured with my phone when he had a Bell Ringing for his last chemo treatment.

Priorities change a little when you've been sick.
He's ready to downsize and spend less time working and more time playing.

So this old beautiful home is for sale.
Including the old gas stove that bakes a mean buttermilk pie!

I'm really going to miss her!!
But I'm so thankful to still have my Dad.

In a day or two I want to show you something else he restores. :)

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I've Seen Spring!

Just a few minutes ago I was working on our dinner.

I'm preparing things so the men can cook it while I'm at Zumba.

We are having such a glorious day here...

77 degrees, sunshine, windows open...

The kind of day that makes your heart beat a little faster and a smile sticks to your face.

This kind of day makes me want to cook outside!

So we are having grilled veggies.

And chicken shish kabobs.

I can hardly wait. :)

About is coming... really. 

I've seen it!!

We worked in our front flower bed for 6 hours on Sunday.
We cleaned out debris and spread 20 bags of mulch.

Now I know so many of you are covered with snow. I feel for you.
It was unseasonably cold here last week and extremely dark.

But this week is different.

Come closer and I'll show you a little spring....

These are irises that made it through a record breaking number of freezes here in DFW.

Still not sure?

Well lean down real close to the ground...

Not pansies...we have those too but they aren't exciting.

This, my friends, is the beginning of daylilies!!

Yes! Daylilies are coming up. 

I know it sounds corny but when plants start to peek out of the ground
in the spring I'm always reminded that there is something perfect about this universe. :)

If You Were a Fly On My Wall Lately

Hi y'all!

Is this the longest winter ever or what?

There haven't been any big projects here lately but if you were a fly on my wall 
you'd see these things going on.....

Picked up tulips beautiful tulips at the grocery store.

And because I can be easily influenced on a cold winter day by girls who could be my daughter.
And because she's as cute as a bug!

Drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee because it is hot and wonderful and makes it so
 that I can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Changed up the coffee table vignette because the 90s called and wanted that bunny statue back.
Added this sweet tray from Hob Lob.

Miss Belle continues to do what she does best!
I poof the pillows when she gets up.

The best part lately, I had lunch with Andrea and Julie yesterday at Patina Green in McKinney, TX. :)
We had so much fun together!

Did we take a picture? No we forgot!

Still going to Zumba too. 

What are you up to?

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I Just Love "Happy"!

Don't let the cold winter days get you down. 
Watch this and sing along!!