Our Bonus Room

We have a room upstairs that up until a few weeks ago was just sitting there.
 I hadn't decorated it at all in the 16 months we've been here. 
In fact, I think the furniture was sitting where the movers put it when they carried it in last June.

I recently decided it was time to take care of business and make something out of this space.
When we first got here, I had in mind to buy some new furniture for the room
but it would be really silly because we have what we need already.

So I worked with my red couch and green chairs that were just recovered about 4 years ago.
They are like new.
Those colorful wooden orbs kind of inspired the colors I wanted to use overall.
My hope was to make the room less formal....just a fun place to hang out.

I found that huge fun clock at Kohl's for $30.00 a few weeks ago!!
Love. :)

This fun floral fabric really helped me pull together what I already had and still make it new.
I spotted this fabric when Shirley at Housepitality Designs was using it on her bar stools.
She was so sweet to send me a swatch. The fabric is Braemore Selim Punch.

The pattern is fun and fresh. It looks like crewel work from a distance but it isn't.

After Pinning about a hundred gallery walls, I decided to incorporate one above the red couch.

We already owned everything you see. I did remove old art work and spray paint some frames.
The snapshots are clipped onto wires and will be changed regularly.

My sons are 24 and 21. 
Am I the only mom who can't stop looking at their little child faces?
I just keep pulling out old pictures all the time.

There's still a little more to be done.
We are making a table out of an old door inspired the one made by 
This will give us a place to work on projects, do puzzles, and sit a snack. :)

I'll show more soon.
What have you been up to?

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