Redoing the Granny Guest Room

One of the reasons we chose this house is that it has a nice little guest room downstairs.

We liked that idea because so many people don't like to climb stairs.

However, this room is tucked around a corner on the north side of the house and it was dark!

Not any more!

After my mom set me straight that the Granny Room needed help, 
I took off to Sherwin Williams for paint and Target for Shabby Chic bedding. 

The paint salesman convinced me to try the color Snowbound on the walls.

Let me tell you, this room glows now!

The paint is a beautiful bright white.

We also switched out the bedding and added a night stand.

We aren't finished. It's still missing all the cute things that make it homey.

Need to add artwork, family photos, and add a few other things.
I'm going to paint the wicker chair white.

  1. In pictures the changes are subtle but in person it's a huge difference.
Mom, what do you think?

Thank You Very Much Girls

I must say Thank You to two very sweet ladies.

First, thanks to Jann Olson for the feature on Share Your Cup Thursday.

Lots of people clicked on my picture of flowers in the pepper tin. 
Truth: That can leaked out all the water within an hour or two. :)

Also, Thank You to Carol at Art and Sand for the gift that arrived in my mail yesterday.

Carol held a drawing and she had so many entries that she drew a couple of extra names and I was one of the lucky ones. :)

It's the cutest little red ticking tote bag. I know exactly what I'm going to do with it Carol!!

Wouldn't it be cute with a mum inside of it?

Thank you ladies.

Getting in Touch With My Inner Cracker Barrel

We've lived here 15 months now and the top of the kitchen cabinets have remained naked. 

I was pretty ok with that but some of my mom and Rochelle loved ones
 have been prodding me to decorate up there.

Now there is a Very Fine Line for me between lookin' good and clutter. 

Do you know what I mean?

When I am at somebody else's house, lots of things seem pretty to me.

At our house it gives me the I lean towards the less is more camp.

(Why does it look like that chicken is walking away? Better work on that.)

When my husband started talking about decorating up there too and I knew it was time.

I tried really hard for a french country look using things I already have.

I also tried really hard to avoid the Cracker Barrel look. 
I love Cracker Barrel too but that's not the look I was going for.

Beans and Greens...yes.

The love of my life mentioned that he would like "no fake leafery up there".

There's just one.

It's over there in the silver pitcher that was passed down to me by my Aunt Doris.

Aren't you impressed with my photography skills about now?

When I stand back and look, I'm pretty happy with it. 

Those are real apples and they will have to be replaced with lovely fauxs asap.

I'm glad it's all up there now. Do you decorate up on top?

In other good news, I signed up for Photography 101 with Shoot Fly Shoot today.

Flowers For You Today

Happy September!

It's not time for pumpkins here just yet.

Still getting beautiful flowers from the yard.

These hyacinth bean vines came from about 8 seeds given to me two years ago.

They were shared by a sweet friend at my old school.

Found them in the drawer and plopped them in the ground.

Thank you very much. :)

If you would like some seed pods, let me know and I'll share with you.

I haven't been around much lately.

Life is extremely busy.