When the Dr. Pepper Rolls

I won't lie...I was feeling pretty smug last Thursday about how clean the house was.  A little touch-up painting, a little scrubbing, it was all good. We were having company for dinner on Friday night, you see. Pulled pork sandwiches, twice baked potatoes, green beans, stuffed jalapenos, and homemade ice cream. Sound enticing?

Well Friday morning I went and picked up all the essential items still needed for my friend and her husband to enjoy their time here. He loves Dr. Pepper, as most Texans do, so we had to have plenty of that...in cans because cans have a better burn. You understand this right?

Anybody who has had a love affair with DP knows where this is going.  A canned Dr. Pepper is pure sugary goodness that will explode like a volcano if you drop it.

And that's just what happened. I moved the box and 3 cans rolled out of the box...in agonizing slow motion...they fell to the ground...and burst... sending sugary syrup all over my kitchen.

All over the back of the couch.

The walls. The pictures on the wall.

The cabinets and the island.

Even the curtains!

You name it! There was Dr. Pepper everywhere! Oozing and stickyfying my clean house.

Let me just tell you, there was cussing. I won't lie. And then there was cleaning and mopping.

And mopping.

And mopping.

And I have mopped at least 10 times now. Still there is sugar shining on my walls and floor.

Taunting me. Saying, "Ha Ha. That's what you get for feeling all proud of yourself."

Any tips for removing Dr. Pepper from every surface?
The ants are here to help today. Ugh!!