Good Morning!

I ran across the word floriferous recently in one of my gardening books. 

It's a fun word to say and it means capable of bearing many flowers.

I like that word, don't you?

Just wanted to give an update on the pictures of our flower beds.

We moved here last summer and all gardening efforts are from this year.

We are happy campers with the way things have gone so far.

Gardening is always a learning curve and that's part of the fun. :)

Some plants have worked where we put them and some have not.

Here's my garden cart all filled to the brim.

You can see the beginning here.

The backyard is filling in nicely too. 

I'm not going too up-close with these because....I need to pull Bermuda grass out of the beds.

That's a never ending battle!

This flower bed has some shared plants in it.

Purple heart and iris from my dad and amaryllis from my husband's grandmother.

The wild and woolly greenbelt back there is home to bunnies, coyotes, 
racoons, bobcats, squirrels, owls and many other types of birds.

Many of my neighbors don't like that it is so wild... meaning...there are lots of snakes.
Yeah, I know. They are so creepy.

But it is their habitat and maybe we should leave it alone.
I'm so thankful for this spot of nature.

Are your gardens floriferous this year?

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