Ticking and Toile in the Granny Room

When do you decide that something is beautiful to you and deserves to be repeated
or you are stuck in your ways?

I'm not sure but I've been using bits of Waverly Toile for years and just added some more. :)

The Granny Room needed window treatments desperately.
Even my husband noticed that the window was naked.

So today with my iron and Stitch Witch, I created curtains.

And I love them. 

Yes it's somewhat predictable.
But that's ok.
We can't always be original. Right?

Found this pretty picture frame at an antique mall the other day.
Don't you love the bowl of cherries?
That's a picture from a magazine...I'm going to leave it there.

This room is used often and needs to function well.
The chair is from my old classroom
The little foot stool is from Decor Steals.

My next project is to add a gallery wall with pictures of grandparents.
Add a suitcase stand or bench and a night table.

What else does the Granny Room need?

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About Those Bunnies and Other Critters

The other day I did a little post about working in the garden.

I shared that I had seen a precious bunny.

Yes, you guessed it the bunnies are eating in my flower bed.

They seem to love the morning glories that are just coming up.

Macho Fern on the Patio

I'm going to share with the bunnies as long as they aren't too piggish about it.

It makes me happy to see them out there.

Garden cart filled with coleus, asparagus fern, hibiscus,
 petunias,asian something something, and volunteer Johnson grass.

My containers and my flower beds are doing great!

It has been extremely hot but we've had rain here and there.


Pot on the patio table filled with full sun plants.
Periwinkles, moss rose, and potato vine.

I've been watching a raccoon lately who comes to eat at the pond.

There's a spillway that keeps the pond from getting too full.

He sits there and eats the goodies that flow over the spillway.

Smart, don't you think?

Hibiscus on the front porch.

Yesterday morning our birdbath was knocked over.

I think the raccoon was probably climbing on it.


The pot that the hibiscus is in. Contains potato vine, creeping jenny, pentas, and gomphrena.

And my last critter story, a week or so ago I shared a vignette on my patio that included this nest.

You can see the original here.

Guess what....

I came out one morning and the eggs were gone!

They were candy eggs that I have had for probably 10 years.

I think the raccoon found them.

I think we need a trail cam to see what goes on around here at night. :)

Frog Flirting and Other Randomness

This morning I went out super early to work in my yard.

It was 98 degrees yesterday so early is necessary.

I took my coffee and my gloves and got busy pulling grass.

I'm waging war on the Bermuda grass that is growing the flower bed.

The frogs are singing all kinds of love songs in the pond back behind our house.

By the sound of it all, there might be 4 million frogs by the time summer is over.

We can also hear doves cooing all the time.

In the evenings there is a pair of owls hooting to each other.

I absolutely love the creatures out there.

Speaking of creatures, as soon as I came in from working I looked out the window

 and there was bunny in the flower bed where I had just been. 

The sun was shining through his ears! He or she was so cute.

The flower beds are filling in very nicely already.

The Drift Roses are my favorites.

There's a precious little girl down the street (have I already told you this?)

who comes down to help me regularly. 

Today we talked about a song called, "Stinky Feet", books, and getting manicures.

I love kids.

Hope y'all have big plans for the weekend.

Did you know today is Flag Day?


I saved this last picture from Nancy's kitchen because I thought it was just too fun and deserves a little individual attention.

Oh how I can relate to this little sign!

If you missed any of the tour you can go here:

Thank you everyone for making Nancy feel welcome and for the sweet comments.

Nancy, thank you for sharing!!

Our Home Tour


May 29, 2013 was our One Year Anniversary 
in this house and living back in The Great State of Texas. :)

Perfect time for a little tour, don't you think?

Now let me tell you....there's not a room in this house that is complete.

I guess I'm really slow.

The entry is large and has been confusing to me. 
There are two tables in here
and three niches in the wall. Most of you have heard me fuss about those niches before.

To the right of the entry is our dining room.

Your can read about this blogging labor of love here and here.

This room went from nekkid to beautiful with the advice of my friends.

Around a corner from the front door is a downstairs guest room.

I call this the Granny Room because our elderly
 family members always choose this room to avoid climbing the stairs.

The Granny Room has tiny little bathroom. 
You can see the beautiful shower curtain and accessories here.
I brought all of this from the last house.

Here's the family room that is open to the kitchen and eating area.

Sorry about the glare...there are lots of windows looking out on the pond.

You can see the kitchen over there beyond the family room.

More pictures here.

I love this kitchen!!

The master bedroom is downstairs also.

We love this room. :)

I thought I'd show you this fun wall in the laundry room. 

I covered the upper section with Cavallini Papers.

The left side of the room is the washer/dryer/sink area.

Everything upstairs is only 1/2 way done because I've made the downstairs the priority.

Here's a peek at the bedrooms.

The one below is my son's room. 
He just took it upon himself to repaint and I love the color he chose...it's a bluish gray.

I call this Spencer's room even though he doesn't live here and he hates the bedspread and the picture. :)

That's a Janet Hill print above the bed. 
The deer has flowers and butterflies on his antlers and he is not a Christmas deer!
Let me tell you, that's a constant debate around here.

I have plans to plank the wall at the head of this bed.

This is the Girly Room.
This room makes me swoon and stare.

No girls in our family so I just had to do this. :
You can see more of this room here.

Thank you for visiting today and I hope you'll come again soon.

Thank you to Gina at Shabby Creek Cottage for hosting the Summer Tour of Homes linky party. 

Nancy's Dining Room - Home Tour Part 3

Today is Part 3 of the home tour at my friend Nancy's house.

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 you can click on the highlighted words.

Let's walk down this hall because those drapes are catching my attention.

Just look at her dining room.

The vignette on top of the buffet along with the plates and mirror is stunning!

Nancy said she kind of has an obsession with plates and without them she'd have nothing on the walls.

We understand, don't we?

Oh mercy, there's those drapes!

She said they came from her favorite consignment store in Knoxville...she calls it her "honey hole".

The Duncan Phyfe dining set came from Craig's List. 

She knew she really wanted that furniture and waited patiently for 8 months to find it
in the condition she wanted.

Now look at that pretty table runner on the dining table.

Guess who made that...Sonya of Beyond the Screen Door, of course.

Through the french doors over there is a darling home office

Now I want you to meet Nancy if you don't already know her.

Isn't she pretty? 

Nancy is sweet, hospitable, a proud southerner, and a loving mom and wife.

In a few days I'm going to share a few vignettes and special spots that I don't want you to miss. :)

Nancy's Home Tour Part 2 - The Kitchen

I have to say thank you to all of you for your sweet comments on 

It thrills both of us that you love her home. :)

Let's move on to her stunning kitchen!

Don't you just love her chalkboard?

You have to be happy reading a message like that.

I would describe this kitchen as welcoming, colorful, beautiful, and homey.

Wouldn't you?

Edit to add a note from Nancy:
"I just love reading all these sweet comments! Y'all just make my day! I have noticed a few comments on the tiered curtains...here's my trick...it's 3 separate valances, hung on 3 different tension rods. I love the look of it...It reminds me of something custom, but without the cost. It also gives me the privacy I want and it blocks the sun light on the hot summer days."

Nancy said this tiered stand is from a garage sale.

She loves to have brunch gatherings on the weekends and she uses it to serve syrups and goodies like that.

Her counters and vignettes are so pretty.

The little cabinet tucked in the corner is a spice cabinet made by her Daddy 25 years ago.

I remember her telling us about that a couple of years ago. It means the world to her.

Look at all the adorable lamps.

The picture below gives us a view into the family room.

Just beautiful!!

I asked Nancy a few questions about her house. 
Did they build it and is there anything we should all know?  I love her answer, 

"We did not build this house... Let me say this house was a blessing and God sent in so many ways. This house of course had a builder but I like to think it was God inspired. It has everything I WISH I had used in the house we did build. It is the perfect size for us, not too big neither too small. We lived for 23 years on a very busy state road, we could never enjoy our front yard or porch... But here at our new house it's so quiet, calm, relaxing. We live in a small neighborhood and a very small town.  Our house is  surrounded by a small small small national forest.... We have every kind of wildlife you can imagine. We are 2 mins from the lake and several bike and walking trails. We literally feel like we are living in a resort town...beautiful, clean and very low crime. I said all that to say .... I Love it and I'm so grateful !!!"

I'm grateful to you for sharing with us, my friend. :)

The dining room is coming up next with a few out-takes too.