Friday Evening

Some people go out dancing.

Or to fancy dinners.

He digs holes for me.

So we can plant things on Saturday.

I love him.

Sophie gives moral support from inside the house.

I love her too. :)

Happy Friday Night!


I put out some fresh flowers.

Changed things up just a little.

Poofed the Pillows.

Baked a couple of cakes and put out salty snacks.

Even found some gorgeous geraniums for the patio.

Hosting Bunko in my new neighborhood for the first time tonight.

I'm ready. :)

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Almost too pretty to eat but I think I will anyway :)

Monday Morning: Need a Manicure

Good Morning Friends.

Happy Monday!

Just giving you a little peek at the update in the front flower beds.

Many plants have been added and lots of beautiful dark hardwood mulch.

This bed is going to get the full heat of the Texas sun so we've chosen our plants carefully.

We've planted Knock Out Roses, Drift Roses, bandana lantana, pincushions, gomphrena, day lilies, and of course other bushes. 

I'm on the lookout for the perfect birdbath.

Remember me telling you that working in the yard is the best way to meet neighbors?

We've had visits from everyone. 
We are in a brand new neighborhood so
everyone has a lot of work to do and they are curious about our project.

Anyway, the cutest little girl...she might be about 6 has been circling my driveway on her bicycle.
I finally asked her yesterday if she wanted to help me plant flowers.

She jumped right off her bike and planted with me for an hour. :)

I sent her home with some flowers for her yard and she was so excited.
Pretty sure I enjoyed it more than she did though.

Our porch is tiny but I've tried to make it welcoming.

More full sun choices in the pots:
hibiscus, creeping jenny, potato vine, pentas, and gomphrena.

I'm a happy girl these days with my hands in the dirt!

Sore Muscles and Big Smiles

Since the dump truck came last week we've put in a few hours of hard labor.

First, we spread out 4 cubic yards of rose mix.
(Kinda smelled like poo.)

We dug up everything that was already there with the intention of reusing most of it.

We put in 5 Knock Out Roses.

5 Drift Roses.

6 Bandana Lantanas

 10 Daylilies

Lots of Mexican Heather.

And we put the original plantings back in.

We still have a long way to go.

It's funny how so much work can still look like so little.

We left room for everything to grow into its spot and there's an area
that I'm still not sure about.

I miss the big boulders we had in Edmond so we might get a couple of those.

We need a lot of mulch.
Anybody want to help spread that out?

Just keeping my fingers crossed that I can master gardening in this Texas heat and drought. :)

It is going to rain tomorrow. 

Woo hoo!

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