The Girly Room

There's not a room in our house that is completely finished yet but this one is so close.

This would be a pretty room for you to sleep in if you came to visit. :)

We call it the girly room.  

Very few things have been purchased for this room. 

It's decorated mostly with items we had already and some great ideas from my blogging friends.

The shelf on the wall used to hang at the old house...I spray painted it white.

The white picture frame was spray painted and the pretty print was downloaded for free from here.

The pretty little blue frame came from Laurie Anna's Vintage Home 
and those people in the picture are not us...yet.

We made the headboard y'all!

We studied ideas from a several blogs and made it ourselves back in December.

We covered it with an old matelasse bedspread. 

The bedding is a mix of old Pottery Barn and Shabby Chic from Target.

This sweet little lamp came from HomeGoods.

The lamp is sitting on a stack of books that I covered with scrapbooking paper.

I've had this pretty print for probably 20 years.

Still love it.

The room isn't complete but it's close.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a soft white chair to sit and read a book?

We've had lots of company since moving here and I love offering this room to girlfriends.

Note to self:  Put pictures in the frames.

Want to come visit?

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She's My Buddy

Never believe a person who says cats have no personality.

It just isn't true!

Do you know what we are doing in this picture?


When she hears the dryer door open she comes running.

She likes the warm clothes - especially towels that I let her lay on.

You can't tell but she's purring like a lion and talking to me.

She's saying, "Thanks for the warm towel mom. I love you."

Do you talk for your animals? We do. It's strange and funny.

Everyone should have a cat this sweet. :)

I'm just reminiscing about when we found her almost 3 years ago at the mall.

Look how little she was!

She could fit in your hand at the time.

What are you up to today?

We've been super busy here. 

The dining room is coming along and we are working on our patio too.

Good times. :)

Good Morning! 

This past Saturday, while fluffing and scrubbing, I played with my cloches.

Moved two of them to the entry table with some pretty little fake plants inside.

Jane noticed the other day that it looks like I've been bitten by the Spring bug.

Yes! It's true. Some days it really does feel like Spring here in Dallas.

Speaking of Spring, I'm beginning to gather some ideas for flower gardens here.

That's such a wonderful feeling!!

But there's a lot to learn about planting in warmer temps and with less rainfall.

Here's a completely off topic story...our anniversary is on Valentine's Day.
My husband always sends me roses.
This year I told him that it's really sweet but since we are in a new house
  I'd rather have bushes than a bouquet.
Is that unromantic?

Well maybe. Which would you rather have?

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Saturday Fluff and Scrub

Happy Saturday!

Spending the day today cleaning and fluffing.

Found this pretty tray at HomeGoods. $3.00 Thank You Very Much!

Changed out the cup towels for some springier color in the kitchen.

I've been dragging all kinds of decor items out of the closets that should be used somewhere.

We have empty spaces to make pretty but I need to stop buying things when there are goodies stashed away.

An update on the dining room:  Country Curtains have been ordered.
 Takes 2-3 weeks to receive them with lining. Can't wait!

I've been playing this song over and over on YouTube. 

What are you up to today?

Decorating Conversations With My Husband

It began with me asking him to help me measure the white curtains that are 
currently hanging in the dining room.

The panels are not the same length and they are too short. 

He asked why I wanted to do this and I explained that I needed to figure out if the problem was the curtains or the rod...or both. 

I think helping was against his will as he kept telling me he wanted to watch the news.  

We measured and the curtains are short and shorter

Do you understand that?

I was explaining that I thought I'd order the Country Curtains panels because they are a nice price and they have great reviews.

He said..."Why don't you just sew some burlap at the bottom of these and call it good?"

Then he got excited and told me I should use my sewing machine to sew slip covers for the end chairs out of the curtains. Wouldn't that be a fantastic idea y'all?

It would except the sewing machine I got for Christmas is still in the box!

I. don't. know. how. to. do. slipcovers!

I don't even know how to put thread in the new machine.

He has faith in me though. That's why we've been married 25 years.

In other news...I've bought a few pieces of white for the hutch. :)

Love HomeGoods prices! Sometimes it seems you could decorate a room there for 20 bucks.

What are you up to today?

Joining Dawn at Creative Cain Cabin
Creative Cain Cabin

Y'all Just Amaze Me

Last week I asked for input from you about our dining room.

You can see it in its current state here.

I have to say THANK YOU!

You all have given me such wonderful ideas.  You've sent me opinions, links, and amazing pictures.

Look at these and be amazed.

The picture below was sent to me by Lisa at Fern Creek Cottage .

She said she just whipped this out while her kids were watching a movie.

I'm in awe.

This plan was sent to me by Andrea at Opulent Cottage.

Andrea said she had it in her mind and had to just had to get it down on paper.

Isn't it perfect?

In emails you all mentioned painting chairs, embellishing the white curtains 
that are currently hanging, chair rails, and rugs.

The room will be some combination of all of the ideas.

 It will be pretty darn close to these pictures, I'm sure!

I'm hoping to have it all by the time Bunco is held here in April.

Let me just say that your kindness blows me away.

Blog friends are so sweet!

Jeans Every Day

Fashion wise, life just couldn't be any more casual these days. 

I have a closet full of work clothes that just stare at me daily. Oh well, I love the casual life. :)

.  In fact, I have a Pinterest board called Jeans Every Day!

Here are some favorites.

Never mind that I could probably be the mother of all of these girls!

It seems like all it takes to look cute these days is a nice pair of jeans, a fun necklace, and a sweater.

What do you think?