Creatively Made Home

Hi girls!  I'm excited!
I joined the Creatively Made Home e-course that started today.

I'm already so inspired.
Go check it out!
If you do not want to pay for the course there is an on-line
forum open to anyone who wishes to join.
Love it so far. :)

Yes, Please.

Did you get the new Pottery Barn catalog today?
Oh mercy. I'm swooning.

Today I actually got out the calculator and added up how much it
would cost if I bought everything in the catalog that was calling my name.

Let's just say it is not a happening!
I'm very grateful that I learned a little financial discipline somewhere along the way.

Because I could totally order all of these....

You know, if I won the lottery or something.

Can you relate?

I'm sure you can.
Will I get any of this?
No I'm very good about things like that.
You bet your boots!
Yeah, I know life isn't about things but these are pretty good things. You have to admit.


Welcome Blog Friends. :)
Today I'm joining Marty's party.
We've been invited to show how we use a cloche in our homes.
This is our entry way.

I'm really happy with this area right inside the door for a few reasons.
I love the mirrors there because they reflect the dining room
and they bounce light around.
I am also doing a happy dance because that table was stashed upstairs until just a few days ago.
We decided to try it there and we like it.
That naked cord needs a sleeve, doesn't it?
I'll take care of that. :)

My cloche has some hymnals in it that I found in an antique shop just before we moved from Edmond.

Aren't they pretty?

Funny thing about this area....
I've struggled with this house  (as in been an emotional basketcase)
because it is so different from what we are used to.

Having these things here that I have loved and had for a long time makes me feel good.
An entry should make us feel at home and welcomed, I think.

Thank you Marty for organizing this party today.

Come back later this week to see the gorgeous drapes that
made for us.

It Really Feels Like Fall Today

This is my favorite kind of day! 
Cool crisp air and lots of sunshine. :)
We've seen lots of birds migrating lately.
They land back in the greenbelt and on the pond.
We have a fireplace on our new patio. 
I'm thinking we need a porch swing back there very soon.
Sophie and I are loving this day with the windows open. 
Hope you are too. :)

He Loves Me

Happy Friday!
I've been out of town for a few days visiting my parents.
When I returned home these pretties were waiting for me.
Aren't they beautiful?
I split the bouquet into three vases to have them in more than one room in the house.
They make me happy. :)
Joining Liz at Rose Vignettes for Fresh Cut Friday

Twenty Little Things I Love About Fall

Cooling breezes
New sounds in nature
Mums, pumpkins, gourds

Candy corn and peanuts in a pretty dish
Time with friends and family
Yummy dinners of roast or soup
Sweaters and sweatshirts
Being at home
Morning walks
Watching my husband watch football - he loves it!
Watching the birds migrate
Hot coffee in the mornings or afternoons
Good books
Thinking about holidays
Fluffing the house for coziness

New TV season
Cinnamon cider scented candles
Opening windows and doors
Counting our blessings

 Joining the party today at The Inspired Room.

Happy Fall Y'all!!