Hi Y'all!

Welcome to our new home in Texas. :)
So many of you have sent messages and emails asking where we are.
That's just so sweet!

We have been here about 90 days. Let me tell you, even though we always knew we would come back to Texas, this has been a
h a r d 90 days.
When you move away from your family - like when we moved to Oklahoma 23 years ago -  you make your friends your family.
We miss our friends so much!
So I thought I would give you a little look at where we live now. Each and every day is filled with trying to make this house a home.
I've seen signs that say, "Home Is Where You Are"....well we aren't all here.
Our oldest son is in Edmond finishing college.
It's hard friends!! I miss my baby boys.
I miss familiar sights and routines.
I miss my school where the world's best teachers and students are.

 Enough whining. We are very blessed and I know that.

I do love this house.  It's very different from our home in Edmond.
There are arches and niches everywhere. I don't know what to do with them but I'm learning.

We've gotten some new furniture and I'm working on accessories and curtains.
That's the fun part, you know.

 Thanks to all of you who have sent messages.
I hope to be back to blogging.

Saying a prayer for all the people in the path of Tropical Storm Isaac.