Pinning and Singing

Oh my goodness!  Did they really have to invent Pinterest? 
Between blogging and pinning, I may not leave my chair!
No not really, Friday I worked 10 hours in my classroom. :)

Guess what I've been pinning lately?  Well, there is a whole genre of bloggers and pinners who are...teachers.  Yeah!  My friends and soulmates.  The cool thing about teachers is that most of them share and steal ideas.  Ideas are free for the sharing most of the time if it benefits the kids.  Anyway, here are some neat ideas that I've been loving and reproducing.

"A Good Friend" is from The Inspired Apple.

Finding mean, median, mode, and range.  You remember that, right? 
This is a simple activity that my students will like.
This idea came from Debbie Diller's blog.

Debbie is a reading & math teacher from Texas. 
She has published several books and I hang on her every word. :)

This is such a cute organization idea.
I do like to have my ducks in a row.
Organization reduces stress.

Mmm, now just think with me about three months from now when it's cold.
Doesn't this soup look delicious?

I think it's from

In honor of this linky party hosted by 5 Minutes Just for Me, I've picked a special song which should be playing for you right now.

Jack Johnson is singing "We're Going to Be Friends".


Hi girls! Just spending a little time looking at blogs this morning and realized that
Cottage and Vine
is hosting a Room by Room linky. Today it's all about entries.

So welcome to our home!

The front area of our home is pretty wide open.  

To the left is my hubby's grandfather clock and the coat closet.

We have this chest in the entry. 
It stores magazines, placemats, and all kinds of goodies.

Have you ever noticed how pictures make you realize the need to spiff up an area?
I can see that the entry chest need some love. A plant maybe?

From the entry you can see directly into the living room ahead of you.

The living room has another chest where we store gloves and scarves.

I've considered a rug in there but haven't done that yet.

The dining area is to the right. 
It's nice and bright in the mornings with the light coming from the east.

I hope our entry says welcome to friends. 
We love to have company. :)