In the Kitchen

Hi everybody!
Our kitchen is 99.9% complete.
I look around daily and see a little something here and there that could be refined.

You can double click the pics to see something up close.

That's the fun part though.
You know, finding the little things that make it feel like your own.

Below you can see the print that I ordered from Janet Hill Studio on Etsy.
The frame is from Hobby Lobby.
I love this print so much.  The colors are just beautiful.

We are very happy with the travertine backsplash.
The granite counters are Key West Gold.

Keeping my old fruit stand at the advice of my decorating girlfriends,
Carolyn and Cynthia.

(Looks like I need to make banana bread.)

This oven makes me very happy.  It's blue porcelain inside.  It's so pretty. :)

All of the appliances are Kitchen Aid that we ordered at Lowes.
They were super easy to work with.

A view from across the room.

We changed all the knobs and the faucet to oil rubbed bronze.
The sink is granite composite and I Love It!
No more coffee stains!

I removed most of the items from the tops of the cabinets.
Going for a cleaner look with less greenery.

Still loving my blue jar.   My honey bought me the little plate.
Eat is spelled out with ants. :)

Keeping my chandelier.
We picked this out when we built the house.
We still love it.

We are happy with the results.
Each day we go back and forth about which part is our favorite.

Thanks for the notes and emails about our project.

Joining Nita for Mod Mix Monday.:)

Chicken Noodle Casserole, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hallelujah Chorus

What makes an excellent day?

Baking chicken noodle casserole at the request of Son #2.

Listening to Hallelujah Chorus because its his music of choice.

He's writing a paper about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for his English Composition class.

Hiding from the heat.

Its all good. :)

Blogging Neighbors

Are you hiding from the heat this Saturday like we are?

Spending time on the computer with a Diet Coke in hand?


I've been thinking, in my little part of the world there are some great bloggers.

Want to meet some of my neighbors?

You know Nita at Mod Vintage Life, right? 

She lives in a beautiful tutor in Oklahoma City.
She has the most precious dachshunds who love olden homes too. :)
Nita puts her own special touches on her house.  It is gorgeous!

I bet you've met Sonia at Miss Bloomers.

She's just a stone's throw from me.
Her gardens and travels are amazing.
You just have to see her yard and the tablesettings she does.

Sweet Rebecca at A Gathering Place is near too.
She can take any old thing and make it absolutely beautiful. 

Go by and tell all of these girls I said hi.
No, we haven't met in person. Some day. :)

I've Taken to Cussing

I went to spend a few days with my mom a couple of weeks ago.
She lives down in South Texas.

The drought is so extreme in her area that she has prickly pear and dirt....that's about it.
Oh, and mesquite trees.

She warned me before I went that she had, "Taken to cussing."

She said it makes her feel better.  Of course, she does apologize to the dog.

I was so glad to get back here to the land of pretty and green.

That was then.

Well, mom...we have officially had 16 days over 100 degrees.

I'm breaking all the rules watering just trying to keep things alive.

It's 106 right now...

Mom, I've taken to cussing!

Working on Details in the Kitchen

The major work in our kitchen is complete. The counter tops have been installed. The backsplash is up and perfect. The appliances are dreamy. Oil rubbed bronze knobs and faucets are in use. :)

I promised myself that we would not reuse all of the same accessories in the kitchen. This little pretty below has been calling my name. When she gets here she has a prominent spot waiting for her.

The print is called "The Seduction" by Janet Hill on Etsy. You can see more of her pretty art HERE.

Don't you think it's just perfect?

Happy Tuesday!

This is for you mom!

My mom asked me recently if Sophie behaves like a cat.

Well, the answer is yes. 
She naps on the kitchen counter and she likes to chew my living plants.

I wouldn't trade her. :)

(See the peek of my counters?  Still working on some little details.)

A Frog or Toad Encounter

Today I went to empty the water from a little pitcher of fresh flowers that sits on my patio.  When I tipped the pitcher over, a toad landed in my hand and about scared me to death!  It caused me to remember the frog at the bottom of this old post. 

So....I'm participating in Miss Chari's Sunday Favorites Party. :)

This was originally posted on 3/17/2009.  It has been shortened just a little.

We are enjoying such beautiful weather here that nothing in my house could compare with what's happening outside.

Moving things around a little. Brought out this tin bird picture that I purchased last summer.

Brought out this beautiful dried flower nest that was a gift from my sweet Aunt Jean.

Moved some platters around. Recognize the big white one?
Yes it's supposed to be on my kitchen table that hubby stole!!
The solution to that problem is in the works.
Now let's move outside...

Beautiful redbuds blooming.

One more picture I have to share....
My older son has always had a love of frogs. I have many pictures of him over the years holding frogs and toads of various sizes. He caught this one on Tuesday from our pond. Don't you just want to kiss him on the lips? Well, I think by all of the noise he makes out there he's hoping some girl frog will kiss him on the lips.

Thanks for coming by this blazing hot July day. Be sure to go visit Miss Chari and all the other Sunday Favorites participants.

Guest Posting Today

Today I've been invited by my sweet friend Valarie to be a Guest Blogger at

I just adore Valarie and her blog.

She lives in the best little blue cottage in McKinney, Texas.

Go over and have a visit. :)