Very Impressive!

Last Saturday we enjoyed our yearly tradition of touring
backyard gardens and ponds with our friends John and Cheryl.

Of course we wanted to share some of the pics with you. :)

I talked about the tour last year at this spot on the blog.

Nice people open their yards and share the beautiful gardens they've created behind the fence.

You never know what's hiding back there!

I admit to loving the flowers and vignettes that people create just as much as the ponds.

Sometimes the vignettes are so pretty that Cheryl and I would love to see inside the homes.

Wouldn't that be fun?

Most of all I love the tradition with my husband and our sweet friends.

Have you toured a garden lately?

We've Done Our Part

Today is the day that our kitchen updating begins.

I'm super excited!! 

We've removed all items from the counters as instructed.

We removed some of the drawers just in case.

My husband and son even took the refrigerator out yesterday.

Now somebody just needs to show up soon. :)

What are you up to today?

I'll be back later for Part 2 of this project.  

It Takes Sweat and Bug Bites

That is not a very eloquent title.

But it is so true.

I think I need stock in Benadryl Anti-Itch Cream lately.

 It's definitely my friend.

We've been working and adding to the flower beds.

Moving, changing, replanting.

I'm willing and so is the love of my life.
It takes a lot of sweating and itching...

Day by day.

To achieve our goals in the garden.

In life too....right?

Gathering & Swooning

Made a little trip to TJ Maxx last Friday.

Found the cutest mugs for $3.99 each!! 

Aren't they the cutest?

Keeping the same color scheme with my kitchen redo because it makes me happy. :)

These cup towels were $4.99 for two. 

That makes me happy too. :)

I've professed my love of cup towels before. 

What makes you smile these days?

One More Thing to Smile About:

Have you seen Tina's new cottage colors? 

Oh My.

Cherry Hill Cottage makes me swoon!

Rolling Along on a Project

I told you the other day that we have a project in the works. 

We are getting counter tops and new appliances. 

It's time.  This kitchen has lived with boys. 

Vintage Rolling Pin with Original Green Painted Handles

You understand. :)

Anyway, I don't have tons of accessories sitting around in the kitchen.  But lately I'm thinking a collection of rolling pins would be cute. 

20% Off Sale - Vintage Wood Rolling Pins - Set of 4

What do you think?  4 or 5 of them in a basket?

I don't know. 

Right now I look at these pictures and think they might be a little too country for me.

So Glad We Divided

Most years in the fall, we take the time to divide our daylilies.

You know, you just dig them up and kind of break apart the clumps. 

Southern Living makes it sound really easy.

It's not. 

It takes man power.

I sure am glad we have man power around here.

They are beautiful and filling more and more spots around the yard.

I'm up to another project lately....I'll show you a little peek in a day or two.

Random Thought:  Do you ever say or write a word and it sounds really strange to you?

DIVIDED sounds weird to me right now. 

I think it has something to do with 14 hours of professional development in the last two days.

My brain is tired.

Meet Baby Malee

Malee and her mother Asha. 

Oklahoma City Zoo.

Oh she's so cute!!

She weighs about 400ish pounds.

Go here to see a neat YouTube video that a family uploaded. 

If You Give a Man a Shovel

     If you give a man a new shovel....

He will plant one Red Crimson Japanese Maple.


(Prepare to see the ugly part of the yard.  Hanging my head in shame.)

He will also plant 14 hostas found at half price.

One volunteer oak leaf hydrangea.

2 California ivy plants.

Several oat grass clumps that were divided from one huge one in the yard.

And lots of Creeping Jenny.

And all between 5pm and 8pm he will begin to transform the ugly to something pretty.

Now on to the stone pathway...

I love him. :)


Don't you think it's just a miracle?

The way summer comes back, I mean.

It just amazes me. 

Pretty much everything that grows around our pond is perennial. 

When it all comes back each spring it's just really exciting to us.

I can't wait to visit the other happy gardeners out there. :)