A Beautiful Sight

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope your weekend is filled with watermelon, sunshine, friends, and remembrance.

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Ball Perfect Mason

My love affair with this jar continues. 

Remember when it looked like this last summer?

I found this sweet little jar at the farmer's market in downtown Edmond.

Can't wait to go again!!

What are you looking forward to this summer?

By the way, 5 more days of school. 

Woo hoo!

On the Move...

No we are not moving really.

We are just digging up plants and moving them around.

Last year we took several trees out of our yard.

This left some shade plants unhappily exposed to the sunshine.

They had to have new spots. You understand, right?

The other day my husband commented that our new neighbor seems to have a plan for his yard. 

Our plan is usually more wildly executed.

It's the whatever strikes our fancy plan.

Joining Susan for Outdoor Wednesday.

Thanks for all the inspiration out there!

This One's For You Mom!

My first peony blooms!

Planted last year and blooming already.

I couldn't be more happy about this.

I wish you could smell them.